Tooheys New Supercold Is Poms Worst Nightmare

Tooheys New Draught Beer becomes Tooheys New Supercold when served at subzero temperatures. To promote the experience Lion Nathan has drawn on the comparison with warm English beer drunk by Poms (English people). “Tooheys New Supercold – It’s a Pom’s Worst Nightmare”, says the billboard I pass each day on the way into Brisbane. No doubt the Saatchi and Saatchi creatives behind the campaign were anticipating The Ashes cricket series between England and Australia.

Tooheys New Supercold - It's a Pom's Worst Nightmare

The cricket score for the first test would have made Tooheys New Supercold as the next-to-worst nightmare. First innings score was Australia 9 for 602 (declared) and England all out for 157. Second innings was Australia 1 for 202 (declared) and England all out for 370.

Pommy Protests

It turns out that the Poms do have an issue with this advertisement. Sure, the Brits may need to drink their beer warm to stave off the effects of their chilly climate. But why must they be called ‘poms’? British People Against Racial Discrimination, an Australian action group, has complained to Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau about the use of term in advertising. See Wikipedia’s entry on “Pommy”.

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  • Philip Edwards

    It is beyond belief that some ill informed Australians continue to use the wrod POM in such a derogitory manner and think that it is ok, it is not these people are racists. If I was a black American would you call me a nigger, would you think it funny to laugh at a muslim and have huge billboards using a well know racist slur towards the muslim community.

    The word POM was and always will be a racist term it is not a term of endearment, and those using the word need to grow up and not be so selective about the racist words they use.

  • Ross Chisholm

    Toohey’s New has to be supercold to hide its awful taste, unlike nice warm pommy beer. As for the cricket, we are so rubbish it make you only average!
    Still I’ll be there for more punishment at the MCG in the form of the equally terrible VB.
    Cheers from Darlington, England.

  • Chris Munson

    Toohey’s so called advertising gurus are just pushhing the urban myth that all English drink warm beer.Not true! Real ales are drunk warmish as they have for hundreds of traditional years but all lagers are drunk cold AND they use the supercold process.So Tooheys New is not new and I bet it tastes crap.
    At least the Poms have many good tasting beers !

  • Josh Hilditch

    Dont mind being called a POM but the whole situation is just out of hand. Its fine when you share a joke with your friends but when the term “POM” is displayed on bill boards something needs to be done. Shame on the Australian Advertisement Institution to allow this to happen. Just for the Record we have better beer! Just look at VB! What a Shite creation.

  • michael carr

    This add is missing a banner

    Its a Poms worst nightmare……
    ….Another Australian Beer without any Flavour……

  • Ahmed

    It’s great isn’t it?

    The shoe is on the other foot now.

    You have left our country because of ‘blacks’ and ‘immigration’ and now you are in Paradise (Australia)and they are calling you ‘Pom’ you are all now crying.

    Boo Hoo Hoo

    Have you not heard of:

    ‘Get a grip, do what the Romans do’


    ‘Whats your problem, its political correctness gone mad!’

    ‘Have you no sense of humour?’

    Now you know what it is like for the native population to take the piss out of you. It is now ‘racism’

    I think they should send your chav arses on the first BA flight back to your crappy Peterborough council estate.

    And you can whinge to your hearts content how unfriendly the Australians were while whinging about all the blacks and Poles that are ‘all over the place’

    Peace and my condolocies to any Australian having to put up with those whinging pondlife!

  • proud aussie

    trust a bunch of poms to whinge

  • Paul Stevenson

    People who use the word “Pomâ€? are displaying their inferiority complex. They aren’t men. They are small, pathetic people of no account. Their only way to feel good about themselves is by vainly attempting to put down bigger men than themselves by sneering at them. But Big men, Real men, don’t have to put down others to feel ok about themselves.

    The word “Pomâ€? is a girlie expression made by cowards. They hide behind their skirts, just like girls, and jeer from a position of safety, where there is no chance of them being hit back. But Real Men rise above these snivelling jibes and dismiss them for what they are – the spineless insults of wimps.

  • Aussie Cricket Supporter

    if you are referring to the english cricket side as being “bigger men” then i think the word pom fits them adequately. and the fact the they are constantly being beaten by “spineless wimps” is hardly something to be proud of.

    Plus if the origin of pom comes from POME (prisoner of mother england) and relates to the original exiled convicts from england, doesn’t that indicate that we as australians are actually the original poms? who cares anyway, i abide by the saying:
    “winning an argument on the internet is like coming first in the special olympics. While you may win, you are still retarded”

  • Nigel Gardener

    This is fun. I am a 10 pound Pom. I left the UK in 1968 at the age of 12. I returned to the UK for business and have been here for 5 years. I only have another 2 more years to go with my crime. I am an Australian at heart and all we have here is good fun when it comes to the Pom issue. Lighten up and have fun. With that I think I can say why the Poms lost. The Back Garden of England are not big enough to hit a six. Keep the British team over in Oz and teach them how to play.

  • scott

    hahahahahah look at all the poms whingin haha u sound liek a bunch of girls cryin bcuz u spilt ur drink.
    btw who drinks warm beer??? and the english cricket team sucks hahahahahahaha……wat r u guna do now? u suck at everything

  • Johnno

    In response to Paul Stevenson – So it’s ok to use ‘girlie’ as a derogatory term instead? And if big men don’t insult others, why are you?

    And what about the extremely derogatory treatment Australians receive in the UK? Glasshouses and stones, people.

  • Tom Kirkham

    I’ve never seen the word ‘pom’ as an insult, in some ways i link it with the word ‘aussie’ Aussies call us ‘poms’ and we call them ‘aussies’. Never felt any need to see it as a derogatory term because i’ve always found that when aussies use the term it’s always been light-hearted.
    On the lighter side of things Toohey’s probably is a ‘poms’ worst nightmare, or at least mine because i have sensitive teeth and cold beer (“supercold”) makes them go all tingly.
    And about England’s sporting successes. Well if England were great at all sports we, the English would have one less thing to moan about, and we all enjoy a good moan.

  • Rich (pom) dating an Aussie

    Can’t all the POMS reclaim the term for themselves… Sit in a bar (by the beach you lucky people – I’m in London) have a Tooheys New and call each other POMS….go on…you’ll find it empowering….

  • Nick Off

    Cries of racism are ludicrous! Has no one noticed that you POMS and (white) Aussies are of the same race? It’s just a good natured, brotherly bit of ribbing.
    If us calling you POMS really were an issue we wouldn’t have millions of you bloody POMS over here!
    As for Rich… bloody POM!!

    P.S: I agree about Toohey’s New and VB, but there are some really great Aussie beers.

  • Belinda

    What a bunch of whinging wankers. I agree with Ahmed – the poms can’t handle being called a name when they have been doing the name calling for so long. Off your imperialist thrones you f**king little girls. English beer is shit, england is shit so all you’ve got is personality- don’t f**k that up too!

  • Daniel

    The word Pom is the only bit of national identity the so-call ‘English’ have left. Where did your senses of humour go? Piss off.

  • Nick Off

    I agree with Daniel. I think all English insecurity (and this forum is proof that there’s plenty) stems from the fact that the sun never used to set on the English empire, but now the sun never even rises on it!
    From world leaders to the white trash of Europe, that’d make anyone insecure.

  • mark

    Typical thick australians whinging about whinging.

  • elliot lupton

    why would us pomes even care, when its only the aussies who say it and who cares about that backward nation of crims who cant even speak properly.

  • Someone Who Cares

    Ok you Whinging Poms! let me get this straight, It’s ok for you to call us Germans “Krauts” or the greeks, turks italians etc “Wogs”, or the Asians “Gooks” etc. but when you get called a pom, it’s offinsive just like the word nigger? The NIGGER term has a lot of history associated with it, like slavery etc, which make it so hurtful and derogatory so you have no right to compare yourself to that harsh a context. There is no slavery or oppression involved in the history of the word POM. ALSO it was deemed “non-offensive” by the Advertising Standards Board in 2006, so get over yourselves. Next you’l be whinging about not being able to whinge to the Aussies without getting picked on. well we Aussies have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to racism, we are the most multicultural nation on earth and we pride ourselves in our acceptance of cultural differences. So when someone calls us racist it hurts us more than us calling you a bunch of poms!