Tooheys New Supercold Is Poms Worst Nightmare

Tooheys New Draught Beer becomes Tooheys New Supercold when served at subzero temperatures. To promote the experience Lion Nathan has drawn on the comparison with warm English beer drunk by Poms (English people). “Tooheys New Supercold – It’s a Pom’s Worst Nightmare”, says the billboard I pass each day on the way into Brisbane. No doubt the Saatchi and Saatchi creatives behind the campaign were anticipating The Ashes cricket series between England and Australia.

Tooheys New Supercold - It's a Pom's Worst Nightmare

The cricket score for the first test would have made Tooheys New Supercold as the next-to-worst nightmare. First innings score was Australia 9 for 602 (declared) and England all out for 157. Second innings was Australia 1 for 202 (declared) and England all out for 370.

Pommy Protests

It turns out that the Poms do have an issue with this advertisement. Sure, the Brits may need to drink their beer warm to stave off the effects of their chilly climate. But why must they be called ‘poms’? British People Against Racial Discrimination, an Australian action group, has complained to Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau about the use of term in advertising. See Wikipedia’s entry on “Pommy”.

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