TLC Life Lessons on Discovery Channel

Discovery TLC television channel has a range of tv advertisements promoting a range of programs around the theme of life lessons. The 30 second vignettes are each connected with a life-skills-oriented program, along with a figurine that can be purchased from the Life Lessons Collection:

Home Handyman in TLC Life Lessons

The Life Lesson tv ads have been available to view on the TLC web site since April 2006. Each clip is preceded by an advertising clip. See the trailer for the series at the Life Lessons fansite.

The life lessons offer a wide range of hints for family life:

  • Merlot and Email don’t mix
  • Before getting intimate turn off the TV
  • Not everyone is dying to see your baby pictures
  • Just because you like doesn’t mean she will
  • When she asks for a backrub sometimes she just wants a backrub.
  • Never introduce her as my future ex
  • Children will repeat every single thing you say
  • Babies have surprisingly great aim.
  • When the baby needs changing, rock beats scissors
  • Your kids doesn’t care that it’s fourth and goal.
  • Sometimes being their best friend isn’t being their best friend.
  • Dating is awkward. But so is becoming the crazy cat lady
  • Not everything comes back in style
  • Nothing can ruin a career faster than an office party

Figurines in TLC Life Lessons TV Ads


The TLC Life Lessons advertising campaign was developed at The Martin Agency, Richmond, VA, by creative director Sean Riley, copywriter Todd Brusnighan, art director Pat Wittich, agency broadcast producer Molly Schaaf, and agency assistant producer Maggie Dunn.

The TLC Life Lesson videos were directed by Matt Aselton via Epoch Films, Beverly Hills, California, with director of photography Peter Donahue, executive producer Jerry Solomon, and producer Marc Marrie.

Editor Jason MacDonald worked with Joshua Teicher at Cosmo Street, New York.

Visual effects were developed at R!OT Manhattan by artist Toby Brockhurst and producer Angela Lupo. CGI was developed at Curious Pictures, New York.

Audio post production was done at Sound Lounge, New York.

TLC Life Lesson Programming

David Abraham, general manager at TLC, says:

“Our target is those people who are in their 30s, when life experience goes from a steady trickle to a firehose. It’s a period when people in this age bracket go from a structured learning environment to a time when, on their own, they acquire knowledge about themselves, their children, their health, their spirituality. Our shows were carefully chosen to reflect that idea.”

TLC is introducing a number of shows over the next year that link in with the Life Lessons theme:

“Family Trip” sends families out on the road to relive vacations they took a generation ago.

“The Messengers” is a one-hour series about spirituality, charity and hope.

“Take Home Chef” is a cooking show hosted by Australian chef Curtis Stone, who helps strangers plan elaborate surprise meals for their friends and families.

“The Monastery” is an unscripted entry that places two groups of people in a pair of secluded monasteries for 40 days.

“Shalom at Home” explores practical tips on family life.

“Honey we’re killing the kids!” features the lives of thirteen families across the United States struggling with lifestyle-related obesity. Dr Hark works with the families to examine the future of the children without intervention. Each family puts into practice new rhythms of life that address the causes of obesity.