Tip Top Simplifying Summer with Undies

New Zealand Icecream company Tip Top, in their television commercial, “Undies”, help simplify the answer to the question, “When does a speedo become underwear?” All in the name of the Tip Top Trumpet, an icecream served up in a waffle cone.

Tip Top Trumpet Togs Undies Line

Trumpet – Simplifying Summer

The advertisement features a male bather walking from the beach into the city and back again, testing a vital question facing many New Zealanders. As he does so, a voiceover gives us the clues we need… How far away from the beach do togs become undies? Skin tight swimming togs an item of clothing you’d happily wear in public but not in public. So how far is too far? So let’s begin…

Togs togs togs… Togs togs togs.. Togs togs togs.. Togs… Undies. Undies undies… Undies undies…

If you can’t see the water you’re in underpants. Local supermarkets. Pedestrian crossings. Office buildings. Public transport.
Anywhere more than 300 metres from the water’s edge, all underpants transformation areas. If we treat the budgie smuggler with respect… Undies (a truck briefly obscures our view of the sea), Togs …Everyone wins. Trumpet – Simplifying Summer.

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The Undies ad is part of a campaign which includes four other scenarios: how to ‘re- package’ your breasts after ‘popping out’, how to take a covert pee in thigh high water, how to perform the perfect ‘hair whip’ and ‘stomach hold-in’.

Click on the image below to play the How To Pee video in YouTube

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The Simplifying Summer campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, by creative director Richard Maddocks, copywriters/art directors David Govier and Levi Slavin, and agency producer Jen Storey.

Filming was directed by James Pilkington at The Sweet Shop, with producer Fiona King and director of photography Aaron Morton.

Off-Line work was done by Tim Mauger at Original Cut. Colourist was Pete Ritchie. Post production was done at Perceptual Engineering, Auckland. Online editor was Paul Freeman.

Music was composed by Jim Hall at Soundtrax. Voice over was done by Rob Brydon.

  • Clare

    First saw the Tip top undies advert when on holiday n wanted to see the others. These videos are awesome! sooooooo funny i was nearly in tears, specially the hair whip one…Why don’t we have adverts like this in England!!!

  • Kate

    Bring them to england! the ads are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pimmie

    these adverts are totally wkd, and the ppl so need to make sum more. 1 of the best adverts iv ever seen!!!!!!

  • awesome commercial. made me laugh and laugh. thanks for the details about the advertisement. i’m doing a media study about this adverts. cool! i hope there’s more from tip top, funny ones.

  • Dee

    Tip Top Undies was flimed in Browns Bay on the North Shore ,Auckland

    Browns Bay

  • Kate

    These ads are fantastic… although amusingly enough in Western Australia the voiceover is changed for the togs vs undies ad. Very few people here call them togs so the voiceover guy calls them bathers on our ads. Still trying to find this version online so I can send the link to friends.

  • Kate

    oh and in addition to this… Trumpet is not a Tip Top product in WA but owned by Peters. While previously known as a Drumstick, Peters WA lost the right to use this name as the east coast portion of their business was sold off. They were then forced to change the nae and chose the name ‘Trumpet’. Drumsticks are also sold in WA but are a product of the sold of company who now import them in. I would assume Peters bought the rights to use the ad from Tip Top and made the word change for their audience.
    It scares me a little that I know all this information!!!

  • Vanessa

    Can I just ask…. what does this ad actually have to do with Trumpet ice cream? Love the ad, think it’s great… just don’t get it.

    • Zac

      Hi Vanessa,

      To answer your question. Now that you’ve seen the ad, the next time you’re at the dairy and thinking of buying an ice cream, will you now consider picking up a Trumpet ice cream?

  • I’d say this is a spoof of a public service announcement sponsored by Trumpet.

  • Jodie

    How do I download the commercial? I wrote to Nestlé about it (didn’t know it was a NZ ad – we get it in Oz as a ‘Peters’ Trumpet ad!) and they never replied. I really, really want a copy of the ad (preferably the Peters one actually, I’m teaching Spanish kids Australian culture). Please reply and let me know – thank you!!

  • Raisins Smith


    Just do a search for video download utils and then visit the site links above.


  • mohsa


  • MC

    whats the adverts creative strategy and objective?