Throw Duncan Yo Yos Music Video

Duncan Toys last year promoted their Freehand™ yo-yo and their new line of juggling equipment with a music video titled “Throw Duncan”.

Throw Duncan

The 30 second and two 15 second TV ads feature the Duncan Crew worldwide demonstration team playing with their favourite Duncan toys in their natural habitat, including skate ramps and rock shows. The commercial features Duncan Crew members Takeshi Kamisato, Jack Ringca, Chow Nai Kit, Jennifer Kouri, Eric Girardi, and National Yo-Yo Master Steve Brown.

Click on the image below to play the video.


‘Throw Duncan’, the music for the commercials, was written and recorded especially for Duncan Toys by staff members. Steve Brown heard that a synthetic track was being planned for the ad. He responded by forming a band, Guys with Swords, with himself on bass, Derron Nuhfer on guitar, Jack Ringca on drums and vocals and Laura Davis on vocals. On their MySpace site Guys with Swords describe themselves as a combination of rock, emo and post hardcore.

A three minute music video was recorded for a Japanese distributor in the hope of getting some time on MTV. However that was not to be.

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