The Simpsons on Sky One

Sky One, a British television channel, is promoting the beginning of the Simpsons 17th season with a live action opening title. Shown on British televisions in the lead up to March 20, the 50 second video has quickly gone viral on a global scale. The ad is hosted at YouTube and has been viewed over 3 million times since March 3.

Bart looks at the blackboard

The clip starts with Bart scribbling on the blackboard, “I will not eat things for money”. He heads out through the door and onto his roller skate through the streets. Lisa’s playing sax in the band and is sent out by the conductor. Homer leaves the nuclear power plant – heading for home. Marge and Maggie head home from the supermarket. As usual they all end up home on the sofa in front of the TV watching… The Simpsons. The final super: “Come Home To The Simpsons. Sky One”.


The campaign was developed at UK advertising agency Devilfish by creative director Richard Holman, creatives Jonny Parker and Nick Stewart, and agency producer Audrey Hawkins.

Filming was shot by director Chris Palmer via Gorgeous Enterprises with producer Rupert Smythe, director of photography Ian Foster.

Post production was done at Alteration Services and The Quarry.

Download the theme tune from iTunes
Countdown Singers - T.V. Themes - Theme from "The Simpsons"

  • rikki

    This was pretty cool, the version i saw didn’t have the final super so i wasn’t sure that it was an ad… but i’m happy that it was :)

  • пппррррпппррпрпрпр

    я все равно ниче не понимаю:(

  • Eva

    Great! I love it so much!
    The Simpsons are the best!