Texas Instruments DLP Girl and Elephant

Texas Instruments is promoting its new line of HD televisions with DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology with a campaign featuring a young girl (Bella Thorne) and an elephant. The tagline, “It’s the mirrors”. Each 30 second ad finishes with a voiceover: “HD TV powered by DLP. See how millions of tiny mirrors make the picture amazing”. The campaign, hosted online at www.itsthemirrors.com, maximizes Texas Instruments sponsorship of a NASCAR Chevy Monte Carlo SS, and ESPN’s Monday night football programming. Featured here are “Amazing”, “Believe” and “Nascar” (August 2006), “Football” (September 2006)

Girl and elephant in Texas Instruments tv ad

In “Amazing” the girl and elephant stand in the middle of a field of yellow flowers. She speaks to the elephant as she examines a small metal box. “How is it possible? Millions of tiny mirrors on something so small? I’ve never seen anything so colorful, so clear, so real. Have you? It’s amazing! It’s the mirrors! We’ve got to show everyone! Click on the image below to play the video.

Girl and elephant stand in sea

In “Believe” the girl and elephant stand in the sea as they examine a small metal box. “Who will believe that millions of tiny mirrors can put you in a gigantic stadium? Or on a far off planet? Or here? Or that so much color will make you think that you are actually there? Who will believe this thing inside? Soon, everyone. It’s amazing. It’s the mirrors!” Click on the image below to play the video.

Girl and elephant with NASCAR drivers

In “Nascar” the girl and elephant stand on a racetrack next to the Texas Instruments sponsored No matter where you, no matter how fast you go, what’s inside will show everything. Everything? Every car, every driver, every ding, every dent will be different with this. Tony Raines says, “Different?” Go ahead! Look! (Wow!) It’s amazing! It’s the mirrors”. Click on the image below to play the video.

Girl and elephant with groundsman?


(September 2006)
The girl and elephant speak to a football player in the middle of a large stadium. “On Game Day what’s inside will change this place. Colors will be newer. Things will be clearer. Real will be realer. “Realer?”, says the player. “When the big men play you’ll see it all again the very first time. Look!” “Whoa!”, he says as the box emits a ray beyond the stadium into the night sky. “It’s amazing! It’s the mirrors!”, she says. Click on the image below to play the video.

The campaign’s fifth spot, “Aikman”, features the girl, elephant and Nextel driver Troy Aikman. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Texas Instruments DLP campaign was developed at advertising agency JWT, San Francisco, by creative director Mike Mazza, art director Mark Lawson, copywriter Jeff Guenther, and freelance producer Rob Thomas.

Engineering the World at Amazon.comFilming was directed by Malik Hassan Sayeed (also DOP) with Little Minx @ RSA, with Little Minx president Rhea Scott, executive producer Marjie Abrahams, producer Donald Taylor. Filming was shot in Toronto, Ontario.

Editing was done at Final Cut, Los Angeles, by Carlos Arias, with assistant editor Graham Turner and executive producer Saima Awan. According to Editor Carlos Arias, the campaign used the girl and her elephant friend as a metaphor for what Texas Instruments and its DLP picture technology are capable of visually. Shooting and editing in HD, however, proved to be tricky for several reasons. First, Director Malik Sayeed had to work with a young child and elephant for all five spots. Second, the high-definition footage, which was shot on a Viper Cam, required a multi-step process on an editorial level.

“The technology is still new so certain programs like the Avid are not meant for HD,” explains Editor Carlos Arias. “You have to make sure every frame is accurate when you’re working with compressed video that has effects on top of it. While it was a bit more difficult to work in this format, Malik [Sayeed] provided me with hours of unbelievable footage. Each shot and composition was so amazing. The HD depth and content will just floor people.”

Visual effects were developed at The Orphanage under the supervision of Lead artist/CD Dav Rauch and executive producer Paul Grimshaw. The Orphanage host three of the spots, Amazing, Believe and Nascar, in HD (20 mb), Large (20 mb) and Medium (10 mb) quicktime videos.

Postproduction was done at Company 3 by colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld and producer Missy Papageorge, and at Rough House by online editor Mike Logan.

Music was composed by Mark Mothersbaugh and Team Mutato at Mutato Muzika. Sound designers/mixers/engineers were Chris Barnett at Skywalker Sound and Joaby Deal at One Union.

DLP Technology

Digital Light Processing was developed by Dr Larry Hornbeck at Texas Instruments in 1987. The image is created by small mirrors on a microconductor chip (digital Micromirror Device or DMD). For more on the technology see www.dlp.com or Wikipedia on DLP.