Story Requests for 2006

Here’s your chance to shape the content of this blog in 2006. In the comments leave your requests on television commercials to be covered here. What would you like to read about each ad?

Eminem iPod ad 2006

Some Possibilities

1200 Truth Campaign
ABC Radio Ironing August 8
Adidas Impossible July 1
Adidas Jonah Lomu
Aleve Leonard Nimoy
American Home Health
Ampd Mobile Bus Kiss April 8
Apple iPod Wynton Marsalis January 29
Apple iPod Eminem December 29
Smoking Kids
AT&T Eclipse
AT&T Wireless Conversations
Audi A6 Illusions
Audi Spider
Baileys Cream Bubbles
Bigpond Marine Biology
Bubblicious LeBron
Bud Ice Penguin
Bud Ice Picture Hanger
Budweiser Parachuting
Budweiser Thanking The Troops
Carling Black Label

Chanel No. 5 Nicole Kidman
Cialis Good Times
Coca Cola Hilltop
Coke Zero Bus March 30
Degree for Men
Dr Pepper Mahna Mahna & Stacey’s Mom
Fedex Dancing Bear and Burt Reynolds January 31
Got Milk Birthday August 13
Heineken Brad Pitt
Honda Civic Everyday
Honda Sense
IBM Dreams
IBM Prodigy
Ikea Clutter November 6
Johnny Walker Fish
Steinlager Lust For Life
McDonalds Lincoln Fry
Michelob Rich and Smooth
Miller Lite Dominoes April 1
Mister Moto
Mtel Shower
Nike Mask
NSPCC Silence
Office Max
Peugeot Sculptor
Pillsbury Snowman
Playstation Safari
Smirnoff Uri, Matrioshka, Biscuit
Sony Handycam
Sony PSP A Day in the life
Suncorp Skin Cancer Campaign May 19
Tango Seal
The Number Rocky

Virgin Mobile Jason Donovan

VW Polo Giants

Wanadoo Heroes

Wendys Where’s the Beef?