Story Requests for 2006

Here’s your chance to shape the content of this blog in 2006. In the comments leave your requests on television commercials to be covered here. What would you like to read about each ad?

Eminem iPod ad 2006

Some Possibilities

1200 Truth Campaign
ABC Radio Ironing August 8
Adidas Impossible July 1
Adidas Jonah Lomu
Aleve Leonard Nimoy
American Home Health
Ampd Mobile Bus Kiss April 8
Apple iPod Wynton Marsalis January 29
Apple iPod Eminem December 29
Smoking Kids
AT&T Eclipse
AT&T Wireless Conversations
Audi A6 Illusions
Audi Spider
Baileys Cream Bubbles
Bigpond Marine Biology
Bubblicious LeBron
Bud Ice Penguin
Bud Ice Picture Hanger
Budweiser Parachuting
Budweiser Thanking The Troops
Carling Black Label

Chanel No. 5 Nicole Kidman
Cialis Good Times
Coca Cola Hilltop
Coke Zero Bus March 30
Degree for Men
Dr Pepper Mahna Mahna & Stacey’s Mom
Fedex Dancing Bear and Burt Reynolds January 31
Got Milk Birthday August 13
Heineken Brad Pitt
Honda Civic Everyday
Honda Sense
IBM Dreams
IBM Prodigy
Ikea Clutter November 6
Johnny Walker Fish
Steinlager Lust For Life
McDonalds Lincoln Fry
Michelob Rich and Smooth
Miller Lite Dominoes April 1
Mister Moto
Mtel Shower
Nike Mask
NSPCC Silence
Office Max
Peugeot Sculptor
Pillsbury Snowman
Playstation Safari
Smirnoff Uri, Matrioshka, Biscuit
Sony Handycam
Sony PSP A Day in the life
Suncorp Skin Cancer Campaign May 19
Tango Seal
The Number Rocky

Virgin Mobile Jason Donovan

VW Polo Giants

Wanadoo Heroes

Wendys Where’s the Beef?

  • Anonymous

    I have two requests:

    1- General Electric Ecomagination Ads, especially the “Singing in the Rain” ad(elephant dancing in the forest) & most importantly a way to d/l a copy.

    2- WB Doner’s (n/k/a Doner) Detroit Zoo commercial circa 1983 but still used by zoos all over the world.
    I would love to have a copy of the 30 or 60 sec version.



  • Anonymous

    Hello i am from Spain and i try to find the advert of Nike “Bulls” with good resolution for a long time.The advert is with the players of Denver Broncos fighting with some bulls near of a tipical spanish bullring.If you can talk about this advert in 2006 i will be very happy. 🙂

    Many thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Also i am interested in the advert of pepsi “Britney Spears” for the tagline “the Joy of Pepsi” but not in the normal version with 90 seconds or the special version with Bob Dole.I am only interested inspecial version of this advert from the MTV with 120 seconds and a good resolution.I Only could find in the net a version a bit dark and with problems in the movements of the video

  • gaea

    Please, please, please, the name of the guy dancing in the middle of the bowling alley in the Verizon ad!

  • Anonymous

    need to know the name or credit of the young african american woman who shakes her posterior on the pole in the ampd commercial on vh1 in jan or feb 2006. Are they any commercial trailers i can download from this commercial.

  • WB Doner don’t appear to have a web site. At some point I’ll take the plunge and give them a call. Hopefully I’ll have the zoo commercial written up in the next few weeks.

  • I’ve located the Nike ad featuring Denver Broncos players taking on Pampalona bulls. Will post it very soon.

  • mvs

    If this with help you locate the WB Doner Zoo Commercial here is there address and phone #

    Wb Doner
    Doner Advertising
    25900 Northwestern Highway
    Southfield, MI 48075


    You are correct, WB Doner and/or Doner Advertising does not have a website. When the founder, Brod Doner was alive they had Mazda, Faygo soda and other big accounts. He died several years ago and since have been much quieter. In their day they were very innovative. Their headquarters in Southfield, MI is just north of Detroit.

    Thanks for your efforts it is appreciated


  • I’d like to hear your thoughts on the Coke Zero campaign, I wrote mine up about a month ago, would be interested to see if you thought the same?

  • Freak

    I am looking for the Coke Zero Ad that has the assembly line worker who switches the direction of the line and the regular bottles of coke turn into coke zero. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to find the song that is in that ad…

  • Freak

    I figured it out, the song is called Mambo Gallego. It was done by Tito Puente originally and then redone by many people. The version that is in the Coke Zero ad is done by D-Code. It can be found here:
    Then follow this path:
    click “Get Music” at the bottom
    Once inside, click on “X-series” on the topleft.
    Click on “Album Name” on the left and wait for the albums to load
    Scroll down to find “Loungecore”
    Click it, and wait for the tracks on the right to load.
    “D-Code” should be the second track listed

  • Freak

    You can also find more info at this forum:\.com

  • MVS


    VW’s new Golf ad “Eat More Fish”. I’m interested in your comments about this “different” ad and a downloadable link would be nice.



  • David Wen

    I have two requests.

    1. Fox Sports….Cannes winner

    2. JC Penney Back to School work.


  • Sarah

    There is an advert in the UK, for Cadbury Chocolate. Please could you find it. Thanks!

  • Team New Zealand

    hallo duncan,
    since several years im trying to track down
    the 2003 “forever loyal” commercial from
    team new zealands 2003 admirals cup defense …

    i know the defense didnt go so well but the
    clip was really impressive – my only problem
    is that i cant find it anywhere in europe (or
    on the net.)

    thank you.

  • Teena

    Just like Gaea, I am also trying to find out who the guy is dancing in the bowling alley (for Verizon Wireless). And where I can find any commercials with him in them?

    I’ve seen him in a TON of commercials. Another one that comes to mind is for “TGI Friday’s”. He and his friend are asked what they will be having. They look at the menu, and fantasize about being the center of the party, as everyone in the restaurant gathers around their table, and eats their food and parties with them.

    I’ve been searching all over. But can’t find anything out. I know there’s gotta be somebody out there that is better at this than I am. 🙂 Please help!!!

  • j

    His name is Gavin Bellour. I went to school with him.

  • j

    dancing in the bowling alley that is.

  • Teena

    Thanks J! Know anything else about him? J/K. I’ve bugged you enough 🙂

  • mel

    Hi Duncan,
    FANTASTIC site you have here!!
    I’ve been searching desperately to find the current McDonald’s commericial-Australian, where it is fully animated abour their Lighter Choices, but havent had any luck find any information about it. It starts with black sihloute leaves, autumn leaves floating by- mcdonalds printed butterflys flying through wheat that has their deli choice burgers inside,
    cherry blossom tree sprouting berrys and these liitle red striped cone head men who appear out of tghe flowers etc.. etc..

    It’s such a amazing piece of animation!!

    I did manage to video tape it on the VCR at home-then using digital camera caputure it but all i got was static type lines running through it-VERY BAD 🙁

    Would you please please be able to find out who made this commercial and where to find it?!?!

    I just LOVE IT, when it comes on-which is not often.

    THANKS! 🙂

  • I’ve been browsing the net looking for that McDonalds Lighter Choice TVC everywhere but I just couldn’t find it! Not even in the official McDonalds Australia website although they have a section for the latest TV ads in there… so disappointing…! Could anybody help?

  • I’ve written up the McDonalds Ligher Choices ad here at http:/theinspirationroom.mcom/daily/2006/mcdonalds-lighter-choices

  • Ivee

    Hi Duncan,

    Do you know anything about the Pal dog food ad on TV lately? It has a man driving a car with his dog at the back seat and they are both moving their heads to the beat of the music. I was wondering about the song, if we can find it anywhere?

    (Thanks to your Sony Bouncing Balls ad article for introducing me to more of Jose Gonzalez songs! :D)

  • Hi Ivee. I think that ad is for Pedigree Chewy Dogfood. I’ve had a look for it am keen to write it up as soon as I get any information to share.

  • Julie

    Can you get us the words to the new Wendy’s zoo commercial? There is a part where I swear they say the word “whore”, but I know that CAN’T be right! Now, whenever I try to listen / watch I can’t figure out what they say!?!?!

  • Pete

    Gotta love that Pal dog food ad! Unfortunately the music was written especially for the ad by an advertising company in South Africa.

  • footy fan

    Hey there,

    Can you please find out for me who the guy is that is sitting in the driver’s seat in the new PAL commercial. It looks alot like Jonathan Thurston the rugby League player from the North Queensland Cowboys.

  • Taylor

    I agree with footy fan (02/09/06). I was convinced that the guy driving the car in the ‘Meatybites’ commercial was Jonathan Thurston – however there is nothing on the PAL website about this.

  • ad

    Does anyone have a copy of the bowel cancer ad for collorectal foundation in australia?

  • Petronio

    plz plz plz can u send me the music for the advert of chance for chanel

  • joan boston

    would like to know the name of song and singer in the pillsbury commercial Singing about possibilites 12/06

  • johnny mo

    Was wondering if anyone knew the location for the recent IBM commercial, with underlings worried about the boss’ request for a global integration strategy. interesting building. wondering if it is possibly the huge-windowed train station in monaco…

  • audrey

    would love to have the words to the philadelphia zoo jingle from the 1960’s, 70’s. went: all the animals in the zoo are jumping up and down for you —————– to visit the zoo as soon as you can

  • Enjoy!

  • ntaylor

    Who is dancing in the ipod itune ad that features the Fratellis singing? Is it the Fratellis or someone else?

  • Kevin

    For some crazy reason I was looking for this too. I remember it for the Detroit Zoo, but apparently it was used for lots of zoos (and I still have a zoo key)

    All the animals in the zoo
    Are jumping up and down for you
    Asking you to be sure to plan
    To visit the zoo as soon as you can
    Storybooks that really talk
    You turn on with a key
    Tell fascinating things about
    The animals you see
    Story books and zoo keys
    Together guide you through
    A world of new excitement
    Awaits you at the zoo.

  • Lily

    what is the song on the new Pasta zoo ad ?? for McDonalds ??


  • Giak

    Nice..nice post.

  • Lou

    yeah what is the song on the pasta zoo ad? the one with the dinosaur construction site and the spaceship thing.
    “you and i don’t always see eye to eye but thats ok coz you’ve got an alibi. you don’t see the things i see.”

  • Angela

    i saw an ad on living +1 channel on sky for the new Audi45,could you tell me what the music is please,its so beautiful?


  • Courtney

    What’s the name of the song & singer in the Pillsbury brownie commercial. The song talks about possiblities and beliving. I love that commercial!

  • Cal

    Verizon Ad, 2 people on stage performing a catchy tune and the audience holding up a bunch of phones to record the concert, i’d love the name of the band or the song please, it seems quite evasive.

  • Cal

    oops.. not verizon, but heres a link to an AT&T ad on YouTube, what song is this… help?

  • Joe Kusanagi

    I’m looking for a McDonald’s commercial which is fairly recent, where Ronald takes a kid or a few to the zoo but Ronald has allergies and sneezes the stripes off of a zebra. I believe he does it twice. Silly I know, but I thought it was pretty cute and I can’t seem to find it anywhere, or even a mention.