Target 2006 Christmas with Goldfrapp

Target USA has joined forces with designer Tord Boontje and British electronic duo Goldfrapp to promote the 2006 Christmas range in a series of six television commercials.

Winter table in Target TV ad

Goldfrapp, Alison Goldfrapp (singer/songwriter/stage performer) and Will Gregory (producer), have worked with Target marketing and advertising agency PMH to link their 2005 album, “Supernature”, with Christmas themes and wintry scenes. Five of the spots feature the Goldfrapp song, “Fly Me Away”. The other spot uses “Number One”.

Goldfrapp Supernature at

Christmas Settings

Target’s first in the Christmas series opens with two antler-bearing deer in a snow-clad forest. Their noses become silhouetted in the backdrop of a festive table set by three couples. Another couple decorates star-shaped table in the middle of an ornamental ice rink. A long-tailed white bird swoops through the skies above white decorated Christmas trees.

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Christmas Card

Tord’s Christmas Card begins with a woman in wintry clothes blowing a kiss into the camera, propelling the viewer into a white animated world featuring deer, white swans, a full moon, a couple in a white boat, a llama, dog, rabbit, horse, table with outdoor setting, an owl. Glassware designed by Tord is shown on moonlit lilypads. Tord speaks to the camera, “My name is Tord Boontje and I’ve created a magical world for you. Come celebrate the season with me at Target.”

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Target says Feliz Navidad in childrens TV ad

Wintry Wonderland

Target’s Wintry Wonderland spot highlights merchandise designed for children. The spot begins with an owl that could have come from Harry Potter. A young boy plays with his Batmobile. A young girl slides down a snow-covered hill in a toboggan, clutching her doll. Two children dressed in white carry their Dora The Explorer and Diego dolls. A girl takes a cup of tea from a Hasbro Easy-Bake toy stove. A dinosaur arches its neck to look at a girl sitting in a tree with the owl.

The ad finishes with the super, “Merry Christmas”, or in the Hispanic version, “Feliz Navidad”.

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Limited Time Gifts

Limited Time Gifts uses the more uptempo Goldfrapp track, “Number One”. A frosty animated clock leads the way into autographed electric guitars, model spaceships, crystal-clad Christmas flower, mascara, and skateboards.

We wish you a merry Christmas

The fifth in the Target Christmas 2006 series opens with the final line of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, “…and a happy New Year”. A silhouetted tree grows an arm holding a gift wrapped in red. A red bird perches on the strap of a woman’s bag. A woman uses her Canon digital camera to capture the sight of a flock of red birds in flight. A white rabbit scurries to its home in the snow. A hand adjusts the dial on a Tivoli Model One table radio. The camera pans out to reveal a couple dancing to the sounds produced by a stack of the radios. The whole scene is caught up in the screen of two Sony PSP held by a couple wearing white and grey fashionable winter clothes. A woman takes a luxury rug and shakes it out. A child comes to a sliding halt in the snow on a scooter. The ad finishes with a box of chocolates and Target’s seasonal greeting, “Merry Christmas”.

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Gift Card

Target’s “Gift Card” spot begins with what appears to be a scissortail wooping down to deliver a gift card. A young boy places his card on a model train set to deliver his to his father. Another card is delivered to its recipient on the bowtie around a dog’s neck.

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The Target Christmas 2006 campaign was developed at Minneapolis advertising agency, Peterson Milla Hooks, by creative director Dave Peterson, executive assistant Cate Ford, art director Bethany Nagy, copywriter Courtney Vincent, account director Gayle Malcolm, account executive Michael Sharp, producer Aldo Hertz, and associate producer Adam Warner.

Filming was directed by Steven Murashige at The Artists Company, Los Angeles, with executive producers Roberto Cecchini and Lori Lober, head of production Susan Burton, VP/controller Dawn Clarke, and producer Sabrina Palladino.

Visual effects and design were developed at Radium and Fluid by creative director/lead compositor Simon Mowbray, CG supervisors Seth Piezas (Fluid) and Dariush Derakhshani (Radium) and producer Mary Mathaisell.

The team at Fischer Edit, Minneapolis, included editor Brett Astor, executive producer Bill Rogina, and producer Kathy Yerich.

Colorist was Chazz at Rushes, Los Angeles.

Goldfrapp - Supernature - Fly Me Away

Lyrics for Fly Me Away

Buy Goldfrapp's Supernature album online at Amazon.comDrifting out of time
Something on your mind
And I wanna be the
One that you call
When you get down
No matter where you
Are in the world I’ll be around

Fly me away on an Aeroplane
High in the sky
Wanna see you again
Wanna know this time,
Gonna tell you what I’m feeling
Gonna know this time,
Gonna get it back that feeling

Miles and miles of sun
Endless roads twist on
Don’t wanna live a life
In a world that’s all the same
The crazy little things
That you do are magical

This crazy life
This crazy world
We’re living in is

Goldfrapp - Supernature - Number 1