Sure Deodorant Men as Wild Animals

Sure Deodorant, part of Unilever’s product range in Europe, was promoted on European televisions in April with ‘Go Wild’, a football-related ad prepared in time for the FIFA 2006 World Cup. In other parts of the world the campaign has been associated with the brand Rexona. In the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, chimpanzees are climbing buildings while seals cross pedestrian crossings. Inside, a man has his face painted in blue and red in preparation for the big game. He opens his bathroom cupboard up to use his Sure Sport Deodorant. As the mirror closes we see that he’s turned into a colorful mandrill, with red and blue nose.

Football fan and mandrill in Rexona television commercial

Out on the street it’s still going wild. Mandrills wait on the street as their pal climbs down the side of his house. Two bears play table soccer together. An orangutan drives hanging out the window of a yellow taxi. Chimpanzees carry yellow flags as they buy their tickets to the football. A herd of bison stampedes through the streets. A colony of Emperor penguins clamour for food on the pedestrian ramps. In the underground metro seals bark as they wait for their train. In the train hyenas rush to the windows. Finally, it’s a goal!!!! The mandrills in the bar raise their arms in exaltation. As a waitress walks past the camera, the mandrills turn back into men again. The super: “Extreme Protection That Lets You Go Wild”.

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Sure Deodorant ‘Go Wild’ was created at advertising agency Lowe London, by copywriter Tom Hudson, art director Lee Goulding and agency producer Charles Crisp.

Filming was shot by director Noam Murro with producers Richard Packer, Independent Films, London, and Jay Veal, Biscuit Filmworks USA.

Post production was done at Framestore London, by VFX Supervisor / Inferno Stephane Allender, CGI Supervisor / TD Andy Boyd, lead animator Dale Newton, senior technical directors Dan Seddon and Simon Stoney, technical directors David Mellor, James Healy and Michele Fabbro, animation team Nicklas Andersson, Kate Hood, Dean Robinson, Luca Mazzoleni, Brad Silby, Craig Penn, Vincent Devay and Laurent Benhamo, modelling team Alex Doyle and Simon French, matte artists Dasha Ashley and Nicha Kumkeaw, Inferno assistant Chris Redding, 3D assistant Paul Jones, colorist Steffan Perry and producer Abby Orchard.

Filming on location was done in Buenos Aires over four days. Eleven animals were then filmed at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Framestore was able to transform eleven real animals into 137 ‘real’ (Inferno-cloned) beasts that were joined by 302 purely computer generated animals.

Chicken Payback Music

Music in the Go Wild ad is “Chicken Payback”, performed by Band of Bees on their album, Free The Bees.

Chicken Payback – Free the Bees on iTunes

Lyrics for Chicken Payback

Chicken Payback Single at
Pay the chicken back back
Pay the chicken back
Pay back the chicken back
Do the chicken payback

Pay the piggy back back
Pay the piggy back
Pay back the piggy back
Do the piggy payback

Pay the monkey back back
Pay the monkey back
see the monkey
Do the monkey
Pay the monkey back

Pay the chicken back back
Pay the chicken back
Pay back the chicken back
Back do the chicken payback