Squeezy Marmite – Love it or Hate it

Marmite Yeast Extract is now being sold in the UK in a squeezy jar, promising to put an end to frustrating struggles to get the spread on to toast. The new packaging is being promoted in a £3m ad campaign using the familiar tagline, “Love it or hate it”. Two TV adverts, “Broken Arm” and “Mother”, remind us that Marmite is a taste you either get or wish you could forget. Marmite’s British site promises to have the new Squeezy ads online soon at the Love Marmite and Hate Marmite pages.

Marmite Squeezy Mother and Baby

A man with a broken arm in cast tries, without success, to eke out the last serving of Marmite from a glass jar. In desperation, he drops the jar on the kitchen floor. Just as he leans over to salvage the Marmite from the floor the kitchen door opens, smashing against his arm. We see that the woman coming through the door has done the shopping and has brought home Squeezy Marmite. Click on the image below to play the Broken Arm video.

A woman breastfeeding her baby takes great pleasure in eating her Marmite on toast. But as much as she loves her Marmite, the baby has different thoughts. This ad is being broadcast as a viral video, due to the ‘bad taste’ impact on some viewers. Click on the image below to play the Mother video.


Broken Arm was created at DDB London by creative director Jeremy Craigen, art director Justin Tindall, copywriter Adam Tucker and agency producer Sarah Browell.

Marmite Broken Arm was directed by Mark Gilbert via London production company Rokkit and Reginald Pike, Toronto, with director of photography Daniel Bronks with producer Mark Murrell.

Editor of Broken Arm was Mark Edinoff at Peep Show Post Production, London. Sound was produced at 750mph.

Marmite Mother was created at DDB London by Damien Bellon and Theirry Albert. Director for “Mother” was Rooney at Mustard Films, London.