Spa Sydell Makes Point With Fruit

Spa Sydell, a skin care business based in Atlanta, Georgia, has promoted its services with a fruit-oriented series of posters.

Spa Sydell Melon Poster

“Words like plump and round are great for describing melons. What words describe you? Herbal Wraps at Spa Sydell.”

Spa Sydell Cantaloupe Poster

“Rough skin protects the cantaloupe from the elements. What’s it protecting you from? Body Polish at Spa Sydell.”

Spa Sydell Kiwi Poster

“Light fuzz is good on a kiwi. You’re not a kiwi. Waxing Treatments at Spa Sydell.”

Obviously this one wouldn’t work in New Zealand!


The Spa Sydell fruit campaign was developed by Intermarkets Jordan art director Amer Sheikh and copywriter Jonathan Osbourne.