Sony PSP Goes LocoRoco

Sony’s PSP game, LocoRoco, is being released around the world with a television advertisement featuring the animated action. Like the PSP game itself, the 30 second advertisement shows a yellow blob-like character rolling, jumping and morphing through an animated environment. The new white console is integrated into the animation, revolving in sets of seven shafts of what appear to be organic windmills or flowers.

Sony Locoroco Screenshot

The game was released in Europe on June 23, in New Zealand on June 30, in China on July 6, in Japan on July 13, and in North America on September 5. See the Wikipedia article on Locoroco, and a PSP NZ interview with the game director Tsutomu Kouno.

Locoroco Credits

The Sony PSP Locoroco campaign was developed at TBWA\London, whose team included agency producer Sarah Sharp.

Screenshot from Locoroco DemoThe PSP LocoRoco TV commercial was directed by Carolina Melis and produced by Julia Parfitt at Nexus Productions, London.

Melis gained her inspiration for the spot by repeatedly playing Locoroco herself. She drew on the natural documentaries of Jean Painlevé to remind herself of dynamics and transitions in the natural world, and connected the choreographic movement with 1970s textile designs such as those developed by Finnish design house Marimekko.

Sound and music was designed by Chris Branch and Tom Haines at Brains & Hunch.