Sony Bravia Paint Fireworks In Glasgow

Sony and Fallon have finally released the much anticipated Sony Bravia paint advertisement online at The ad begins with a drum roll and a series of blue paint explosion. Plumes of colour shoot out from the ground in Glasgow’s Toryglen Estate. Two buildings explode in a plethora of colour, outside and inside. Columns of paint are thrown into the air where they burst like fireworks.

Sony Bravia Paint Fireworks ad

The music pauses momentarily as a clown in a black and white suit and red shoes runs for it – towards or away from the paint? All of a sudden there’s a final frenzy of colour as a spectrum of colours is unleashed from the sides of the building. More geysers of paint erupt from the ground. Finally the explosions and the music end. There’s just the sound of falling paint. The final tagline: “Sony Bravia. Color Like No Other”.

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The Sony Bravia Paint Fireworks ad was developed at Fallon, London, whose team included group account partner Chris Willingham, executive creative director Richard Flintham, and creative director Juan Cabral, agency producers Nicky Barnes and Charlie Orr.

Filming was directed by Jonathan Glazer at Academy Films, with producer Simon Cooper and director of photography Dan Landin. Apart from the challenge of working with a highly explosive set and pacifying the locals, the crew had to work within the confines of unpredictable Glasgow weather.

David Patton, senior vice president of Sony Communications Europe, says, “It’s a unique idea, an iconic idea, and it’s never been done before. And there’s no doubt that it has scale”.

Final scene in Sony Bravia Paint ad

Postproduction was done at Moving Pictures Company, with 3D supervisor Duncan McWilliam, and 3D VFX supervisor Jim Radford, 2D VFX supervisor Ludo Fealy, producer Graham Bird, coordinators Justin Brukman and Paula Da Costa. Colorist was Mark Gethin. A scale model of the Toryglen Estate was developed, including all firework and camera positions.

Editing was done by Paul Watts at The Quarry, London.

Music and sound were coordinated by Peter Raeburn at Soundtree Music, London. Music is from Rossini’s “Thieving Magpie”.

Final scene in Making of the Sony Bravia Paint Ad video

The full Bravia Paint ad (70 seconds) is available to view in high and low resolutions, and download in HD quality quicktime (35.9 mb), hi-res quicktime (14.9 mb), and low-res quicktime (4.81 mb).

The Making of the Bravia Paint ad (5 minutes 18 seconds) (produced at Proudfoot TV) is also available to download at the Sony Bravia Paint web site.

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Postscript – January 22

The 23-storey Queens Court in Crossbank Rd, Toryglen, was demolished yesterday by the Glasgow Housing Association. The tower block was built in 1968 for £600,000, to become a home for 132 families. Residents were moved out in May 2006 in anticipation of the block’s demolition.

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  • No worries mate.

  • Silvia

    I find this ad totaly unsuitable after the Sept 11 attacks. First thing that went through my mind when i saw this ad was exactly that… 09/11.
    Very sad that Sony is doing that.

  • Philip

    How can Silvia compare the advert to 9/11 one was mindless violence and one was a ballet of colour.
    All i can say is well done to all the team the only thought that went through my mine was ‘HOW DID THEY DO THAT’. 9/11 was ‘WHY DID THEY DO THAT’, Well done Sony. The ball ad was brilliant but you went one better with this one. Whats next paint bombs from a B52 over the desert.OOPS sorry that might be to much like the Gulf war for Silvia. I look forward to the next ad but it will have to be somthing special.

  • frank

    I am sorry but I’ll have to agree with silvia on this. It does resemble Sept. 11 just as much those little balls on the other one resambled the iraqui invasion. Don’t you see it? Millions of multicolour balls (multinational troops, different uniforms) creating mayhem in the street while kids and innocent animal by-passers are witness of their cruelty. Seriously, what’s wrong with this people?

  • Steve Mc

    Why can’t people just accept a great piece of creativity and give credit where it’s due!

    Great ad, as above first thing i thought was ‘wow, how did they do that!’

  • Lou

    Can’t believe the comments about the Twin Towers attack, to be honest, never crossed my mind!

    Just an amazing advert! How is it done?!?!

    Well done to all those involved!

  • Jess

    No, I didnt think of twin towers at all!
    Brilliant advert though, I love it!
    Im going to analyse this for music appreciation for my degree, any comments on thoughts about the music either for this or for the bouncy ball advert would be greatly appreciated!
    I know thats cheeky! 😛

  • jade

    thanks 4 the video.
    its great. 🙂

  • Drew

    Wow.. How do people actually see 9/11 here at all??

    Stop watching the news for a moment.. There is more to life then what is showed..

    How is paint spraying all over some apartment/condos near a park anything like a jet flying into the twin towers in manhattan???!!!

    Youre insane..

    Good job to the creators though.. Very impressed with how elaborate they made it..

  • michelle

    I cannot believe the comments about 9/11!!!! Have these people no imagination (well they have but it is warped!!!)This advert was absolutely brilliant and in no way resembled a terrorist attack it was meant,as it should be, for fun and entertainment.Well done those men or women who created it!!!

  • Jotham

    yeah it was indeed a good ad and considering how it was done in glasgow and under that kinda weather. although i can see where the 9/11 and irqi invasion ppl are coming from, it’s kinda hard to see it as those two events unless you’re thinking or trying to visualize it. but just like drew and steve mc said, you have to forget the horrors of the world and just enjoy the ad and art for what it is.

    after all is that not what they intended it for?
    and if you see disaster and violence in art, then you’re just looking for something to complain about or u need to see a psychiatrist

  • Peter

    Amazing add!

    Too bad the terrorists left some people scarred, because this add is truely unique.

    Good work, lads!

  • Bando de americanos neuróticos que só pensam no seu próprio umbigo! Pra esse vocês, todos os estrangeiros são inferiores e querem tomar os F^%KING USA.
    Um filme tão lindo como esse ser comparado com um desastre provocado por ALGUNS é no mínimo uma total falta de senso crítico e de vergonha na cara.


  • Jacob

    It was a great advert, Anyone know how much it cost to make?
    And to sylvia i ask have you ever heard the phrase ‘Cotton wool over our eyes?’
    1. i dont see the resemblance except from a tall building.
    2. i think that people should stop complaining at tv for bringing up 9/11 thats like pretending it never happened… like putting cotton wool over our eyes to protect us from anything that might slightly resemble 9/11 which is just sad.

  • Lance

    You guys are crazy! There are no sight of sucidal bombing… Watch too much war film…This is a great piece of arts….And when saw this ad, it makes me wanna buy Bravia next week…….honestly

  • Sony guy

    Great advert! Well done to the people who organized it and made it a reality!

    And as for the ppl hu think this resembles a terrorist attack, FORGET IT. If all u can do is think negatively, dnt even watch TV. You people dnt deserve such a wonderful ad.

  • I must say it is an amazing piece of creativity. No offense Intended but those Americans should please move on.


    The Sony’s advertising agency appears to have borrowed a similar concept from 2005

    Check out the community splash (art project in New York)

    The sony bravia version is similar in the sense a high rise residential building targeted for demolition gets a lick of paint – all be it with the addition of pyrotechnics & special effects.

    see the video which pre-dates Bravia ad at:


      correction, that art project was in Pittsburgh not New York
      (the location on Penn Avenue – for some daft reason made me think of NY
      – dunno why 🙂