Solon Solar Power Hails The Return of the Sun

Solon, a solar power provider in Germany, launched an online and television advertising campaign, a two-minute film called “Hail – The Return of the Sun”. The spot is available online at Pioneers of Power, (in German and English).

Man finds battery in his wineglass

The spot opens in what appears to be New York City. A young businessman discovers a battery in his wine glass. Office workers look out on the havoc caused on the streets as pedestrians and drivers alike try to avoid the devastating hail storm.

Solar hail hits London

The storm is happening around the world. Swimmers at a beach resort are pounded. A double decker bus explodes in London. The streets of Paris are affected, as are the plains of Africa. Occupants of an igloo escape before it is crushed by the falling batteries. The super: “970 trillion kWh of energy fall from the skies every day.” For some reason the batteries have now stopped falling. People come out to inspect the damage. “Good we can’t see it.” “Bad we don’t use it.” The spot finishes with a picture of a solar power farm and a black screen with Solon’s logo. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Solon Hail campaign was developed at Hamburg agency, Jung von Matt/Elbe GmbH, by creatives Carl-Christian Berge and Sascha Hanke. The two creative directors told Photon International magazine that Solon needed to show shareholders the potential of solar power. Using a blockbuster movie approach, with visualisation of the Sun’s power, provided the large-scale concept needed.

Solon Hail PoserFilming in Los Angeles was done under the supervision of well known music video director Joseph Kahn via HSI, with a team from Film Deluxe, director of photography Christopher Probst, and production designer Jason Edmonds. Special effects were supervised by Jordan Craig. Miniatures were developed by Gil Levine. Make Up was the responsibility of Jennifer Hantching. Stylist was Tamara Rappa.

Key actors in the two minute film are named as Hunter Shephard, Michelle Watson, Harry SHelly, Fatma Dabo, Stevin Knight, Buckley Sampson, Logan Arens.

Visual effects were developed at Ingenuity Engine, Hollywood.

Sound was designed at Sovereign. Music was the responsibility of Howard Drossin, well known computer game composer.

Solar hail hits London