Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower Goes Digital

Snow Joe have launched the 322 electric snow thrower with a 30 second TV ad using digital media designed to catch the attention of ‘make it happen’ men.

Neighbors compare snow throwers in Snow Joe TV ad

A woman offers her male neighbor the use of her Snow Joe electric snow thrower. “Need a Snow Joe?” “Mmm! Light weight! Powerful! Really cuts through the snow!”, says the neighbour. “Without any back strain”, she says. “Just return it when you’re done. I’ll be waiting.” The voiceover: “When it comes to winter, we get the job done”.

There’s something not quite right about the script though. Perhaps it’s just that men generally dislike being shown how to operate their tools. Being told by a woman is even more humiliating.

Neighbors compare snow throwers in Snow Joe TV ad


Animation for story line and feature demonstration was designed and produced at E-Spaces CG4TV Animation Studio. Phillippe Van Nedervelde, founder and CEO of the 3D animation studio said, “You’ve got to love a challenge like the one the Snow Joe company gave us: produce a story-telling :30 ad featuring video-realistic photo-realistic human characters without ever touching a video camera.”

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