Slob Spoofs Dove Evolution in Campaign Against Real Life

Campaign Against Real Life, otherwise known as, has posted a video response to Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” video, Evolution.

Raw material in the Slob Evolution spoof

This time it’s a man who’s made over for the sake of advertising. To the sounds of the same piano track as “Dove Evolution” the man is pampered with glass after glass of beer, countless cigarettes, more alcohol, and a range of fast foods. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Finally, when the guy’s face has thickened out, it’s time for Photoshop artists to shorten the neck, broaden the jowl, increase the hunch. The final lop-sided slob appears on a billboard advertising “Lardo”. The final observation? “Thank God our perception of real life is distorted. No one wants to look at ugly people.”

Final product in the Slob Evolution spoof


Simon Willows via Blink Productions with producer Claire Jones.

See the 75 second video at