Sharp Aquos makes More To See

Sharp introduced the world to the coming launch of its LCD television screens at the end of 2004 with the ‘More to See’ campaign. The teaser for the campaign featured people living their lives with their eyes closed.

Art gallery featured in Sharp Aquos TV ad

A man in business clothes opens his garage door, with his eyes closed. A mother helps her daughter take off her top – the girl has her eyes closed. A chef prepares his tomato dish, with eyes closed. A jogger runs across a bridge with eyes closed. A child traveling in the back seat of a car has her eyes closed. The pattern continues A teenage girl applies make up in front of her mirror. Two children look at the fish in an aquatic tank. Students sit in a lecture theatre. Patrons at a movie theatre. Pedestrians walk in a busy city. Commuters wait at a train station. Finally, a woman sitting in an art gallery opens her eyes. Voiceover: “The Sharp Aquos Liquid Crystal Television. Suddenly there’s more to see.” The television advertisement leads viewers to Sanyo’s microsite,

The Sharp Aquos LCD television was designed by Toshiyuki Kita who tells his story on the microsite. The exciting news on the site is the capacity for a 65 inch screen, the largest available in the world as of November 1, 2005.


The ‘More to See’ campaign was created by advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy New York. The W+K team included executive producer Gary Krieg, producer Temma Shoaf, art directors Alan Buchannan and Stuart Jennings, copywriter Andy Carrigan and creative directors Ty Montague and Todd Waterbury.

Sanyo Aquos ‘More to See’ was directed by Philippe Andre of Villains, with director of photography Robert Papais.

The spot was edited by Adam Pertofsky at Rock Paper Scissors.

The ambient music was composed and designed by Jonathan Elias at Elias Arts.

Visual effects were designed at Buf Compagnie and graphics were designed at Imaginary Forces.

Does anyone recognise the painting or the art gallery?

Girl with closed eyes

So what do you think? Was the ad inspired by the Apple Think Different Campaign?

  • David Wen

    Oh that painting is a tough one…

  • pjjns


    Can you please tell me what is the name of the new age music piece used in the Sharp Aquos commercial that features still shots of the Disney Concert Hall, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Rose Bowl.


  • Henry

    Yeah, I want to know what is the music from that first aquos commercial with john hopkins, disney theater hall, etc. Dont get me wrong, this commercial’s music is good too, but I liked the first one much better.

  • I’ m 90% sure, that gallery is Louvre in Paris… a paint near to Delacroix ones maybe.

  • pjjns

    I am still waiting to find out the name of the new age piece in used in the Aquos commercial featuring still shots of the Disney Concert Hall, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Rose Bowl. Everyone say’s Elias Arts but I don’t think Jonathan Elias did this particular piece. Heard something about an Aquos Commercial Compilation cd being released in Japan only but I can’t even find a site from Japan where I can atleast sample it, and now they’ve removed the clip from “”.
    I want Sharp to know that my feelings are hurt!!!!!

  • Jenny Byiers

    In the golf commercial, what is the dialogue from the Scottish guy?

  • cathy

    yes! We are having a family dispute over what the first family is saying in the golf commercial. Is it in English or another language? Anyone know where we can get a copy of the script?

  • Sharon

    Can someone please tell me what the music is for the new Aquos commercial featuring Ferguson’s lost ball. I called customer service at Sharp and they could not help me. Thanks!

  • mo

    Jonathan elias, “more to see”

    good luck

  • Fletch

    The first family in the “Lost Ball” commercial is French — the boy is saying, “The ball is there . . . it’s there,” but in French. The Scottish guy in the pub is saying, “He’s looking right at it — it’s there.”

    One can watch the various versions of the ads here:

  • cathy

    Fletch-THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!! I finally have the proof to show my husband he was wrong!! You made my day! ha ha ha

  • Fergusson

    The song in the AQUOS spot is Giuseppe Verdi’s â€?Caro Nomeâ€?, from the opera Rigoletto.

  • This comercial was done in Brazil and i was in that class, but i just can see in full comercial. How can i see it all? Thanks!

  • I’ve written up the Sharp Aquos Lost Ball commercial, with details on the music etc. Thanks Fletch and Fergusson for your information.

    Sharp Aquos Lost Ball

  • u will find the new age sound piece in the sharp tv ad of aquous tv, on limewire peer to peer. just put the name “jonathan elias” in the search category and you will find it!

    “more to see ” by jonathan elias !


  • Bill

    Anyone know the song used in the new Sharp Aquos commercial “Love of the Game”? Kids are decorating their room with baseball things and you see David Ortiz hitting the ball at the end.

    Right now it’s the only clip at

  • pjjns

    Dear Mr. Duncan,

    I first posted in 2005-06 after hearing a neoclassical music piece so beautiful that I am still looking. It was on one of the Sharp Aquos commercials, the one featuring shots of The Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Rose Bowl, The Lincoln Memorial, etc. Every time I’d asked who it was, they’d say “Jonathan Elias, Jonathan Elias”. After listening to his music, I’ll say again, I never did and still don’t think Mr. Elias did this particular piece, just doesn’t sound like his style.
    In fact I now think it was done by the LA Philharmonic and Sharp just used it for that one commercial then maybe used Elias’s music for all the rest. (What an awful trick). Can you believe the answer was right there all the time and I never associated the LAP with Walt Disney Concert Hall. Duh! Anyway, visited the Philharmonic website, waiting for someone to contact me won’t hold my breath though.


    Still on the hunt!!!

  • pjjns

    Sharp Aquos commercials, the one featuring shots of The Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Rose Bowl, The Lincoln Memorial, etc.
    Found an archive of this ad at Commercial Archive

  • Dan

    Anyone know the name of the song to the Sharp Aquos ‘Love of The Game’ commcercial?

  • pauls

    Wrote Sharp a note asking for info on the music for the “love of the game” commercial. No response, nice people over there. Can find few references to the piece. One would think they’d be interested in anyone curious about their ads and products but guess not. If anyone does find out what it is please post it here. Please, please.

  • Anonymous

    To those wondering about the music in the ad, I think it’s exclusive to just that ad. Companies like to create their own music to get the desired effect for their ad, plus they wouldn’t have to pay royalties.

    In a nutshell, the people at Sharp made the music specifically for that ad. You won’t find it in any album. It’s like if you see a Subaru ad, they make their own songs. That seems to be the case here.

  • Charlie

    RE: “It was on one of the Sharp Aquos commercials, the one featuring shots of The Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Rose Bowl, The Lincoln Memorial, etc.”

    The music for this commercial was created by original music company Endless Noise. They also created the music for the “Love the Game” spot that shows kids putting up their baseball memorabilia.

  • pjjns

    Wow!!! Thank you Charlie.