Sharp Aquos Lost Golf Ball

Sharp has launched ‘Lost Ball’, a new TV commercial for the Aquos liquid crystal television screen range. Fergusson is teeing off on the 17th hole of a seaside golf course. As he hits the ball the commentator warns, “Here’s trouble.” A family watch the game from their living room while Fergusson, his caddy and other helpers look for the golf ball in the rough. The boy walks up to the screen and points to the ball, speaking in French, “La boule est là, est là.” In an outside space viewers point to the screen. A Scotsman in a bar mutters to fellow patrons, “He’s looking right at it — it’s there.” Nothing is lost with the full HD 1080p Aquos from the leading innovator of liquid crystal television, Sharp.

Sharp Aquos Lost Ball TV Ad

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The Sharp Aquos Lost Ball ad was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, New York, by creative director Kevin Proudfoot and Todd Waterbury, art director Allen Buchanan, copywriter Nick Sonderup, head of production Gary Krieg and agency producer Andrew Loevenguth.

Filming was directed by Christian Loubek via Anonymous Content, New York, with director of photography Crille Forsberg.

Editor was Avi Oron at Bikini Edit, New York, assisted by Paul San Filippo.

Postproduction was done by Flame Artist Eric Gelgand at Nice Shoes, New York, and colorist Tim Masick at Company 3, New York.

Music was arranged by Raymond Loewy at Tonefarmer, New York, with executive producer Tiffany Senft.

Sound was mixed by Tom Goldblatt at AudioEngine, New York.

Verdi Music

The music for the Sharp Aquos Lost Ball commercial is an excerpt from “Caro Nome” from Giuseppe Verdi’s “Rigoletto”. Download the track, Caro Nome from iTunes:

Anna Veleva - Famous Opera Arias - Verdi: Rigoletto - Caro nome

  • joe

    Sharp released a new campaign and spent alot of money and effort developing it, yet there is barely any print advertisement in the USA…..GQ magazine is the only magazine so far i have found with the new ad campaign in it. Sharp is so dumb they dont even advertise in Home Theatre and Big Screen tv magazines. Also, the Corporate people are jerks and were of no assistance when I and others called to find out where we could find a copy of their ad. We also called their Ad agency…w and k…and they were so clueless they did not remember even working with Sharp at first. These people may make a nice tv but wow are they idiots. What a pathetic ad campaign…a good slogan, and one good commercial, and then what??? they think they can just give up….they need a regular print advertising schedule. The website is pathetic, does not have any information on their advertisements. Overall i give Sharp an F- on their marketing skills and branding efforts.

  • Thanks for the clarification MJ!

  • MJ

    Ha ha, just a small correction for you, which is probably a bit dated now but anyway…..

    “A Scotsman in a bar mutters to fellow patrons, “He’s looking right at it — it’s there.””

    I am 100% English, and really didn´t think I sounded Scottish at all. 1 whole day of filming in Barcelona, and I appear in the ad for less than 2 seconds. Still, got paid very well for it, and even managed to get 4 of my mates in the same scene as extras.