Sensis Yellow Scooters

Sensis, Australia’s dominant online and print directory specialist, is renaming the brand “Yellow Pages” as “Yellow”. The new brand has been launched with “Yellow Scooter Squad”, a 30 second television commercial.

Sensis Scooter Squad at Kenzo Hair

A woman (played by Sharni Page) goes online to to find hairdressers in Kensington, the name of a suburb in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Bundaberg. From the back of her computer six scooters emerge, racing out to paint Kensington yellow. The first three on the list are Kenzo Hair, Hair Off Crown and Snippitz Hair Design. The final screen has Yellow’s taglines, “Find, Buy, Sell”, and “Let us do the hard work for you”, with logos for internet, book and mobile phone directories.


The Sensis Yellow Scooter Squad ad was developed at George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, by creative director James McGrath, art director Peter Hibberd, copywriter Julian Schreiber and agency producer Pip Hemming.

Filming and animation was directed by Tim Kentley at XYZ Studios, Melbourne, with cinematographer Graeme Wood and producer Amy Veerman.

Sound score was written by Cezary and Jan Skubiszewski. Sound FX was developed by Jason Murphy at Gas Inc (Good Audio Sense), Melbourne.

Sensis Scooter Squad at Hair Off Crown

Sensis Scooter Squad at Snippitz Hair Design