Scissor Sisters I Don’t Feel Like Dancing at the movies

Scissor Sisters launched “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing”, a single from their 2006 album, “Ta Dah”, with a movie-infused music video. The music, co-written by Elton John, reflects the American band’s disco/glam-rock/pop style. The song’s use of falsetto, along with subject matter, reminds many of Leo Sayer’s 1975 hit, “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”.

Scissor Sisters Music Video

The 4:17 minute music video opens with a young boy looking at a Scissor Sisters poster outside a movie theater. The poster features the disembodied faces of the five members, Jake Shears, Babydaddy, Ana Matronic, Del Marquis and Paddy Boom. In the background is a man in sunglasses, perhaps a reference to Elton John who plays keyboards for “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing”.

Movie scenes in Scissor Sisters Music Video

As the faces begin to move around the screen a number of psychedelic movie-like scenes emerge. A spaceship spins into the music video’s background. Members of the band float through a forest stream on a boat. A couple sit back to back, hands tied behind their backs. Dogs run through a green tunnel chasing a fugitive. The music video finishes with a red head in the background whose locks form the words, “Scissors Sisters”.

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“I Don’t Feel Like Dancing”, the music video, was directed by Andy Soup with Independent Films, with producer Verity White and director of photography Alex Barber.

Post production was done by Flame artist Ben Robards at Absolute Post and editor Amanda James at Final Cut.

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I Don't Feel Like Dancin' Music Video

Lyrics for I Don’t Feel Like Dancing

Wake up in the morning with a head like ‘what ya done?’
This used to be the life but I don’t need another one.
Good luck cuttin’ nothin’, carrying on, you wear them gowns.
So how come I feel so lonely when you’re up getting down?

So I play along when I hear that favourite song
I’m gonna be the one who gets it right.
You better know when you’re swingin’ round the room
Look’s like magic’s solely yours tonight


But I don’t feel like dancin’
When the old Joanna plays
My heart could take a chance
But my two feet can’t find a way
You think that I could muster up a little soft, shoop devil sway
But I don’t feel like dancin’
No sir, no dancin’ today.

Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’
Even if i find nothin’ better to do
Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’
Why’d you break down when I’m not in the mood?
Don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’
Rather be home with no one when I can’t get down with you

Cities come and cities go just like the old empires
When all you do is change your clothes and call that versatile.
You got so many colours make a blind man so confused.
Then why can’t I keep up when you’re the only thing I lose?

So I’ll just pretend that I know which way to bend
And I’m gonna tell the whole world that you’re mine.
Just please understand, when I see you clap your hands
If you stick around I’m sure that you’ll be fine.


You can’t make me dance around
But your two-step makes my chest pound.
Just lay me down as you blow it away into the shimmer light.


Red hair in Scissor Sisters Music Video