Schweppes Cocktails for Two

Coca-Cola UK has relaunched Schweppes mixer drinks in the UK with a series of three television and cinema advertisements, accompanied by “Cocktails For Two”, sung by Spike Jones. The campaign, aimed at socialisers in their thirties, is accompanied by “Sch… You Know How”, a play on the 1960s tagline, “Sch… You Know Who”.

Cocktails in Schweppes TV ad

The Schweppes TV adverts feature a range of party scenes in which partygoers show off their cocktail mixing skills with traditional drinks such as Tonic Water and new flavours such as Juniper and Pomegranate Tonic.


The Cocktails For Two campaign was developed by advertising agency, Mother London, with Vizeum media planners Mike Cookson and Rachel Winter.

Filming was directed by Swedish team Stylewar via London production company Stink.

Editing was done by Gregers Dohn at Nostromo, Stockholm. Post production was done at Swiss, Stockholm. Audio post production was done by Ben Leeves at Grand Central Studios, London.

Note that Cadbury Schweppes, based in London, has sold the rights of distribution of Schweppes drinks in the UK to Coca Cola.

Ingredients for Schweppes cocktails in TV advert

Cocktails for Two

“Cocktails For Two” is sung by Spike Jones and The City Slickers, recorded in 1943. The words were written by Sam Coslow, with music by Arthur Johnston. The song was introduced by Carl Brisson in the 1934 film Murder At The Vanities. To get an idea of how the song was first performed by Spike Jones and his wacky team, see Spike Jones Cocktails For Two at YouTube. Cocktails for Two is available on CD from and

Spike Jones & Spike Jones & His City Slickers - Spike Jones: Greatest Hits!!! - Cocktails for Two

Lyrics for Cocktails for Two

In some secluded rendezvous,
That overlooks the avenue,
With someone sharing a delightful chat,
Of this and that,
And cocktails for two.

As we enjoy a cigarette,
To some exqiuisite chansonette,
Two hands are sure to slyly meet beneath a serviette,
With cocktails for two.

My head may go reeling,
But my heart will be o-be-di-ent,
With in-tox-i-cat-ing kisses,
For the principal in-gre-di-ent,

Most any afternoon at five,
We’ll be so glad we’re both alive,
Then maybe fortune will complete her plan,
That all began
with cocktails for two.