Rethink Breast Cancer TLC with Man Breasts

Rethink Breast Cancer launched a public service announcement with a difference for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2002. ‘Man Breasts’ caught the attention of Canadian viewers with a humorous television commercial featuring a man with breasts. The spot begins with a foot to breast camera sweep, revealing a man with size D breasts walking with pride in his white t-shirt. As he shares a coffee with another well endowed man they revel in their bustiness. In the privacy of his own home he takes a Polaroiod photograph of his bust. As he washes his car he realises that he can arrange his own wet t-shirt look.

Man with breasts washing his car

The super: “If men had breasts they’d really appreciate them. Show yours some TLC”. The spot finishes with the man bouncing up and down on a seat, revelling his jiggling capacity. The final text: “Touch. Look. Check. Learn at

The Rethink TLC clip was designed to motivate young women and men to learn the facts about breast cancer. The web site provides more details on the three steps for early detection of breast cancer…

  1. TOUCH your breasts. Feel for anything unusual.
  2. LOOK for changes. Be aware of their shape and texture.
  3. CHECK anything unusual with your doctor. Chat with your friends if you are worried.


The Rethink TLC campaign was developed at Zig Inc., Toronto, by creative directors Elspeth Lynn and Lorraine Tao, art director Rosalinda (Rose) Graziano, copywriter Jennifer Wilson and agency producer Janet Woods.

Filming was directed by Martin Granger via Avion Films, with executive producer Andria Minott, director of photography Simon Mestel and editor Brian Noon.

Music and sound was composed and produced by Tom Westin and Dave Sorbara at Grayson Matthews.

Lyrics used in the Man Breasts clip: “Darling your love’s the thing only thing that I want. You give me all the love that I need to go on.”

Man with breasts takes his own photograph