Renault Crash Tests with Sausage Sushi and Bread

In honour of Bastille Day, here’s a TV ad celebrating the French car, the Renault, made originally for German television. A series of tests demonstrates the brittle nature of a national dishes from Germany, Japan and Sweden.

Sausage tested in Renault Crash Test TV Ad

A giant German sausage weisswurst, strapped to a carriage, slams against a barrier and smashes into pieces. A roll of sushi rolls toward a barrier and totally disintegrates. A giant Swedish crispbread is pulverised by a yard arm. However when a French baguette is thrust into a barrier it absorbs the force of the impact, crumpling and uncrumpling. “Die sichersten Autos kommen aus Frankreich.” “The safest cars come from France.” Click on the image below to play the video.

The experiments are a recreation of tests done by the European New Car Assessment Programme. So what cars are being recreated? Is the sausage a reference to an Audi, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche or Volkswagen? Is the Japanese sushi a reference to Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda or Nissan? The Swedish crispbread would be a reference to either the Saab or Volvo. However the French baguette could just as easily be a Citroën or Peugeot as a Renault. The crash test theme is carried over to the Renault web site.

Baguette in Renault Crash Test TV Ad


Crash Test Dummies from Renault Web SiteThe Renault Crash Test was developed at advertising agency Nordpol, Hamburg, by creative director Lars Rühmann, art directors Gunther Schreiber, Philipp Dörner, Christoph Bielefeldt and Bertrand Kirschenhofer, copywriter Ingmar Bartels, account supervisor Mathias Müller-Using, working with Renault marketing director Jörg-Alexander Ellhof.

Filming was shot by director Silvio Helbig via Element E, Hamburg, with producer Jürgen Joppen.

J’Attendrai by Rina Ketty

Music for the Renault Crash Test is “J’Attendrai”, (I Will Wait), by French singer Rina Ketty. The song, originally recorded in 1939, was a French version of the 1933 Italian song, “Tomerai”, by Dino Olivieri. Rina Ketty’s 1939 recording was used in the movie, Das Boot, as the favourite of the German U-Boat commander. However the song was not included in the official soundtrack album.

Rina Ketty J’Attendrai at

Lyrics for J’Attendrai

Rina Ketty J'Attendrai Album at Amazon.comJ’attendrai le jour et la nuit
J’attendrai toujours ton retour
J’attendrai car l’oiseau qui s’enfuit
Vient chercher l’oubli dans son nid ¶

Le temps passe et court
En battant tristement
Dans mon coeur plus lourd
Et pourtant j’attendrai ton retour

Les fleurs pâlissent, le feu s’éteint,
L’ombre se glisse dans le jardin,
L’horloge tisse des sons très lent,
Je crois entendre ton pas.

Le vent m’apporte des bruits lointains,
Et dans ma porte, j’écoute en vain.
Hélas! Plus rien,
Plus rien ne vient.