Refugee Fencing in Portugal

CPR, Conselho Portugues Para Os Refugiados (Portugese Council for Refugees) held an international conference on refugees in Lisbon on November 29 and 30. CPR worked with Lisbon agency Draft FCB to promote the conference a print and television campaign. The three posters and billboards feature refugees standing inside detention camps, looking through wire fences. Wire shapes, a window, kite and pram, in the fence symbolize the hopes for freedom felt by refugees all over the world. The text on each poster: “20 milhões de refugiados deixaram tudo para trás mas não encontraram nada pela frente.” (20 million refugees left everything behind them but found they had nothing ahead of them).

Refugee imagines a window in the detention camp fence

Refugee imagines a kite in the detention camp fence

Refugee imagines a pram in the detention camp fence


The CPR refugee campaign was developed at DraftFCB, Lisbon, by creative directors Duarte Pinheiro Melo and Luis Silva Dias, art director William Silva, and copywriter Aline Arantes.

The CPR conference was held in co-operation with Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR/ACNUR. Over two days delegates explored new challenges for the 21st Century, focusing on issues relating to the forced detention of assylum seekers, migration, integration of refugees in Europe, and the protection of orphans and children of refugees.