Qantas Football Taking Off

Qantas, one of Australia’s national and international airlines, has promoted its connection with the Socceroos during the FIFA 2006 World Cup through a television campaign, “Football’s Taking Off”. The new Qantas TV ad, featuring frequently before and during SBS coverage of the World Cup, shows a number of ball sports being played as soccer. On an apartment block roof a game of tennis turns into an informal football duel. A game of beach volleyball becomes an opportunity for the practice of heading skills. A schoolboy game of street cricket crosses into a kick fest. A golfer kicks his ball off the tee into the dusk sky. A game of schoolgirl netball morphs into a game of football. Finally, on a headland a young boy kicks his soccer ball towards a goal, looking up into the sky to see a ball flying through the sky. The super, “Football’s Taking Off”. The tagline, “Qantas, Sharing the Spirit of Football For Over 15 Years”.

Golfer kicks ball in Qantas Football advertisement

The Qantas Football TV ad ties together sports supported by Qantas sponsorship, each scene showing a skyline marked by jet stream. Qantas is the naming rights partners for all Australian soccer national teams: the Qantas Socceroos, Matildas, Under 23s (Olympic Team), Young Socceroos (under 20s), Joeys (Under 17s), Young Matildas, and Indooroos (Futsal). Qantas is also a sponsor partner and official airline of the Football Federation Australia. Qantas is key sponsor for Australia’s other three footballs as well: Australian Football League, National Rugby League and Australian Rugby Union. In addition, Qantas sponsors Tennis Australia, Cricket Australia, a few Golf championships, Netball Australia and a few golf championships.

Qantas Football Taking Off


The Qantas Football Taking Off television commercial was created at M&C Saatchi, Sydney.

Director Mark Lever worked at The Sweet Shop.

Luke Todd, senior compositor worked with Colorist Christine Todd at Frame Set and Match.

Nylon Studios were responsible for sound and music.