Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer in Public Bathroom Number 36

Steve Hall at Adrants has provided a link to “Public Bathroom #36”, a spec short film for Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer, written, directed and edited by Doug Werby from Kaboom Studios in 2000.

Bathroom Nightmare

The 60 second video begins with a woman (played by Kate Connor) walking into a public toilet, immediately confronted by the sound of flies. Frin the sound of her groans of disgust we can only imagine the smell. With her purse clenched in her mouth she squats over the bowl. She’s shocked to find there’s only one piece of paper left in the toilet paper dispenser. With her foot she flushes the toilet, and after preening her hair in the mirror she uses her elbow to turn the water on in the filthy basin. The towel in the dispenser is grubby, clearly unusable.The voiceover: “When you really, really need to clean your hands Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer”. The camera zooms in on a bottle of Purell Instant Hand Santizer. The woman leaves, careful not to touch the door. Click on the image below to play the video.


Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer written, directed and edited in 2000 by Doug Werby from Kaboom Studios, San Francisco, with executive producer Lauren Schwartz and producer Lisa Ewald, and director of photography Rachel Libert.

Online editor was Nate Robinson of Ntropic, San Francisco. Paul Bronkar of 525 Studios, Santa Monica, was the Colorist. Audio mixer/sound designer was Jay Shilladay of Crescendo! Studios, San Francisco.

Purell Hand Sanitizer