Pot Noodle Mines Fuel Of Britain

Pot Noodle, a popular brand of cup noodles in the UK, is the subject of an advertising campaign centred on the Crumlin Mine in Wales, with the tagline, “Fuel of Britain, Isn’t It”. As a Welsh mens’ choir hums and sings, the narrator introduces us to the world of mining for Pot Noodle. “This is Crumlin, jewel of the Welsh Empire. For beneath these hallowed hills lies fuel. Not coal or oil, but pure pot noodle.”

Final screen

“For the noodles, golden noodles, in the land of my fathers…” The narrator continues by saying, “You learn a lot about yourself in a noodle mine. Deep below the ground the noodle miners must carve through sheer Welsh rock to extract the delicate noodle.” “Pot Noodle. Fuel of Britain, Isn’t it!” Viewers are directed to the Pot Noodle web site, fuelofbritain.co.uk.

The Real Crumlin

Crumlin, Caerphilly, is the site of the real Pot Noodle factory. The ten “miners” who appear in the campaign all work at the Crumlin plant, and several formerly worked down the coal pits before working for Pot Noodle. Residents of Crumlin were invited to a screening of the advert before it was screened on network TV. The village’s coal mine, the Crumlin Navigational Colliery, closed in 1967.

Pot Noodle Mines Credits

The Pot Noodle Mine campaign was developed for Unilever at advertising agency, Mother London.

Director Stacy Wall at Epoch Films, London, worked with director of photography Alex Barber, executive producers Rob Godbold, Jerry Solomon, Mindy Goldberg, and producer Rob Godbold. Filming was shot in a disused mine pit in Wakefield, Yorkshire and Shepperton Studio.

Editing was done by Neil Smith and Ben Jordan at The Whitehouse.

Post Production was done by Moving Picture Company, London whose team included colorist Jean Clement and VFX artist Nick Serasin.

Audio Post was done at Factory, London, with mixing by Anthony Moore and composition by Philip Pope, London.


‘Pot Noodle Horn’ showed the urge for Pot Noodle being manifested in a large horn emerging from underneath a person’s trousers. Viewers were invited to send away for their own ‘noodle horn’. Needless to say, the ad attracted both complaints and cult following.

The ‘Slag Of All Snacks’ campaign portrayed Pot Noodle as a snack which can only be purchashed from seedy outlets. After complaints the phrase ‘slag of all snacks’ was banned from Pot Noodle advertising.

Other campaigns have included “Not Poodle”, “Big Dave”, “Lambshank Redemption”, and “Too Gorgeous” (with Welsh comedian Peter Baynham).

The complaints are already coming in for the Pot Noodle Mine campaign. The Advertising Standards Authority has received 37 complaints about a Pot Noodle advert which features miners digging for noodles in a Crumlin pit, accompanied by a male voice choir soundtrack. Some have described the advert as “racist”.

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