Pioneer PureVision Plasma Television Screens Put to the Test

Pioneer Electronics has just launched two 30 second TV commercials featuring the High Definition PureVision (TM) Plasma Television in test mode. The voiceover is the same in both: “With unmatched technology and innovation years ahead of its time, we’ve pushed the boundaries of high definition and tested the limits of reality. The new PureVision Plasma Display. Only from Pioneer”. The ads invite viewers to the web site,

Chrome balls fly into orbit around a Pioneer plasma TV


When the TV displays the image of a planet, numerous chrome balls get pulled into the planet’s gravitational force, fly up and move into orbit.

Wind Tunnel

Imagery of a Formula 1 car on the TV appears so real that smoke flows around the racing automobile – instead of flowing around the TV itself.


The Pioneer Testing Facility campaign was developed at Rubin Postaer and Associates (RPA), Santa Monica, by creative directors Joe Baratelli and David Smith, copywriter Seth Prandini, art director Hobart Birmingham, and executive producer Gary Patifocoff.

Production, VFX and animation was all done at A52, directed by Andy Hall, with executive producer Mark Tobin, producer Sarah Haynes, visual effects/3D supervisor Andy Hall, Inferno artist Patrick Murphy, Shake artists Mike Adkisson and James Pastorius, pre-visualization artist Casey Schatz, and CGI artists Max Ulichney, Chris Janney, Kirk Shintani, Kevin Clarke.

“The brief from Pioneer and RPA was to make the imagery have a sense of reality so that no one would distinguish it being live-action cinematography or CGI,” Hall explained. “The main aspects were to conceptualize Pioneer’s evolution of technology, and to create a believable world in which they test and evaluate the performance of their products.”

Sound was designed at 740 Sound Design, Santa Monica.

Smoke streams around a Formula 1 car in Pioneer Plasma TV

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