Pineapple Lumps Given by Sweet As God

Pineapple lumps, a chocolate coated confectionery produced by Pascall (Cadbury), are regarded as a national treasure by most New Zealanders. As a Kiwi living in Australia it’s always a delight to find a shop that stocks Pineapple Lumps. To help New Zealanders recognise the uniqueness of the Pascalls product, Cadbury commissioned DDB New Zealand to spin a creation story.

Pineapple Lumps Sweet As

In the beginning, when the Creator was giving out stuff, New Zealand slept in. The young man walks in to the bidding table just as oil is being divvied out. He sits beside the representative from Australia. “Have I missed much?” “Oh mate, oil, gold, car manufacturing…” “Oh not too much then…” Suddenly the bidding voiceover says, “Diamonds…(buzz) go to South Africa.” Representatives applaud. “You’ve got to be quick around here!”, says the New Zealander. Bidding Voiceover: “Pine… (buzz) …apple lumps. Well done New Zealand.” Voiceover says, “And that’s how we beat the rest of the world.” The Creator reaches down for a taste. “Big Fella”, says the young Kiwi. “Sweet as, dude”, says God. The super: “Pascall Pineapple Lumps, a National Treasure. Pascall and Pineapple Lumps are Cadbury Group Trade Marks.”


Pineapple Lumps ‘Sweet As’ was developed at DDB Auckland by executive creative director Paul Catmur, copywriter Martin Brown, art directors Darran Wong Kam and Pete Thompson, and agency producer Vicky Rhedey.

Filming was directed by Steve Saussey via Film Construction, Auckland, with producer Claire Richards.

  • I love this blog to DEATH – someone who loves analysing commercials as much as I do! And btw, pineapple lumps sound completely awesome. Where can I get them? Are they the same type of pineappley chocolate you get in Cadbury Snack?

  • Jordan

    can someone please send the video to pleeeeeeease??


  • Tienie

    I find this ad to be blasphemous and are reconsidering buying any Cadbury products as well as lodging a complaint with the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

  • Joseph

    This ad hurts!! There are still Christians in New Zealand and I agree with Tienie, this ad is blasphemous and should be removed as repect for God loving and God fearing Christians in NZ.
    Thank you

  • Deena Bobena

    Oh come on man, have some fuken Humour in ye lives!!!
    this ad is very funny…you christians are all cover

    Christian goody-two shoes on the outside
    but when theyre alone they get their fuken pornos out and Cigarettes…maybe even a joint or two:Phaha fuken HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!>:(

  • Ellie

    I saw the ad while visiting my dad out in NZ, and thought it was brilliant, i think the people complaining need to lighten up, it’s supposed to be funny. I do not see in any way how the advert could have been intended to offend people, and i seriously doubt anyone with common sense would be offended.

  • Thanks Vanessa. I’ve fixed up the link and added a YouTube video.

  • vanessa

    The link didn’t work, but I still found a way to watch it, by editing the link lol
    Being A New Zealander living In Sydney, have to say it was a pretty funny ad, and i don’t see why people are taking it seriously, I’m a christian as well and I don’t see how it could offend anyone, but that’s just me i guess.

  • Mr Clarke

    Offended Christians might note there is no reference to Christianity in the TV ad. Who’s to say ‘The Creator’ isn’t Mohammed, Krishna, Yahweh, or even an Invisible Fairy. You are taking offense at your own interpretation.