Peugeot 407 drives beyond End of Game

Peugeot has relaunched the 407 SW with ‘End of Game’, a 3D animated television commercial designed to showcase the car’s Hdi FAP engine. The 45 second spot has been on air since the beginning of August in France, UK, Russia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Macedonia, Japan and Norway. The ad follows up the successful ‘Toy Car’ campaign from 2004.

Racing cars in Peugeot 407 End of Game TV ad

End of Game begins with ‘Berline’, a car racing video game. The doorbell rings and the player pauses the game. The camera moves through the television to show the drivers jumping out of their suspended cars and signalling ‘time out’. They walk past the frozen audience and security guards, out to the carpark, and jump into their Peugeot 407 SW cars. We see the driver of No. 1 calmly cruising alongside the sea, stopping at a pedestrian crossing to allow a robot and pram to cross the road before accelerating again. The super: “Playtime is Over”.


The Peugeot End of Game campaign was developed at BETC Euro RSCG, Paris and Euro RSCG Worldwide, by agency supervisors Raphaël de Andreis, Jean-Baptiste Lucas, Dominique Le Moine, Jean-Philippe Martzel, Claude-Jean Couderc and Olivier Pluquet, creative director Rémi Babinet, art director Eric Holden, copywriter Rémi Noël, TV Producers Simon Chater-Robinson and Damien Fournier-Perret.

Partizan Midi Minuit director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet worked closely with a professional car video game player to reproduce game moves that only champion drivers could achieve.

3D production was done at BUF.

Peugeot 407 on Sea Road in End of Game TV Ad

Waters of Nazareth by Justice

The soundtrack, “Waters of Nazareth”, was composed by Gaspard Aude and Xavier de Rosnay, members of French band Justice, and was accessed by BETC Euro RSCG music supervisor Christophe Caurret.

Justice - Waters of Nazareth - EP

Peugeot Race Drivers leave their cars