Peugeot 207 Ladybird and Firefly

Peugeot has launched its new model, the 207, with two television advertisements featuring insects: two amorous ladybirds and a dancing firefly. The Peugeot 207 was released in January 2006 on French, Spanish and Italian markets. It is now being rolled out in the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Peugeot 207 TV Ad features a firefly in the forest

The Firefly TV Ad features a firefly that flies through a forest to land and dance on a Peugeot 207 to the sounds of classic ballet music. Local residents are woken by the light show and drawn to the car. The dance ends in a climax of light as the fly soars into the night sky, releasing an explosion of light before coming back to bounce off the car one last time. Click on the image below to play the Peugeot Firefly video in YouTube

The Ladybird TV Ad features two ladybirds, one orange and one red, interacting with each other inside a Peugeot 207. They bounce together to the tunes of “Heartaches”, showing off the upholstery to the camera. On the street people walk past, bemused by a car that appears to be bouncing of its own accord. The tagline: “Feel the Vitality”. Click on the image below to play the Peugeot Ladybird video in YouTube

Executive Creative Director:Couz


Both Peugeot 207 TV spots were developed by advertising agency Euro RSCG, Brussels, by creative director Jean Luc Soille, art director Paul Henry Guilmin, copywriter Frederic Bilquin, executive agency producer Simon Chater-Robinson, account supervisors Olivier Pluquet, Claude Couderc, H. Jacob and T. Hofer, working with Peugeot marketing team Marc Firome, Andre Cherid, Céline Moussy and S Brezellec.

Filming was shot by director Thierry Poiraud via Paranoid, France, with executive producer Nicolas Leclercq, director of photography Philippe Le Sourd.

Editor was Mario Batistel.

Visual effects were created at BUF, France.

Music is “Heartaches”, sung by The Marcels and found on their album, The Complete Colpix Sessions. Download the track from iTunes or buy the album from

The Marcels - The Colpix Story, Vol. 1 - Heartaches (LP Version)

  • Sif

    Do you know which artist the Heartache song is from? it’s cool.

  • Heartache

    The whole track title is:

    Marcels – Heartaches

    From 1961.

    Real nice tune 😀

  • question

    Do you know where i can get the version that is in the comercial ?

  • lara

    There is another advert on Queensland TV for the new Peugeot 207, its got two guys driving trying to get themselves to Geneva. One guy gives the wrong directions and they end up on a hill looking down at a windy road. They get out and swap drivers. Whats the name of the song used in this advert??

  • RE: Lara

    The song is “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis, released on 28 August 2006. I love that song too!!

  • Geoff

    Thanks for letting me know that song! Been looking everywhere

  • Marcela

    Hi, I wanna know where to download the ladybird video, can you give me a link???

  • Paul

    There is an Australian version of the ladybirds ad with a different song: The lyrics repeat “I’m the new man, I’m the new man.” It is a hip-hop type of song. Anyone know the name of this song?

  • Nick

    Yeah, I’m trying to track down that tune on the Aussie ad too. struggling…

  • Ali

    I’m trying to get that song too – the aussie version.

    Where would you have to go to track it down?

  • Ryan

    as do i! please let us know as soon as sum1 knows were to get it!

  • Stew

    Alessandro Magagnini & Otto Casagrande – Raving Time
    the “im a new man” tune, not sure where to get it from though

  • Robbo

    Looked for the song on limewire its a no show… Anyone got it yet?

  • Ryan

    cant find it on emule either.. bugger!

  • oblak 24

    nice commercial 😉
    well done