Pepsi Fest Football Players Sing Da Da Da

With Brazil, England, Ukraine and Argentina out of the FIFA 2006 World Cup, they’ll have a bit of time for enjoying the sights of Germany. Maybe they’ll be looking to the Allemanha Pepsi Da Da Da TV ad launched back in March. Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Gonzalez Blanco Raúl, Alexander Frei, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo get together in a Bavarian beer tent where they encounter the local mädchen (girls) and lederhosen (leather trousers)-wearing men. Instead of beer, they’re offered the promise of steins of Pepsi if they can win a game of indoor soccer.

Pepsi Da Da Da site

The game starts to the tune of “Da Da Da”, sung by a Bavarian band. The soccer players kick the ball around the tent but lose it to a bar maid who passes it to a group of Bavarian dancers who keep the ball moving with their fancy footwork. The Bavarians kick the ball over the bar, scoring the goal of the match. Soccer players bow. Pepsi is poured. And Bavarian women plait Ronaldinho’s hair. Click on the image below to play the video.

Da Da Da Online

The Pepsi Bavarian Da Da Da ad can be viewed in WMV format at Readers can download ‘Da Da Da’ for their mobile phone, wallpapers, screensavers, as well as a 6.62 mb zipped WMV version of the ad. Viewers can also compete in the ‘da da da’ league by submitting their own football clip. Viewers download the music (1.9 mb) and lyrics, make their own video clip and upload it for voting.

Trio Da Da Da

Trio perform Da Da DaThe music for ‘Da Da Da’ was originally performed by TRIO, a German band in the early 1980s, consisting of Stephan Remmler, Gert ‘Kralle’ Krawinkel, and Peter Behrens. The track hit number two on the German charts in 1982. ‘Da Da Da’ was used in a Volkswagen commercial in 1997. The lyrics are:

Da Da Da (Da Da Da)
Ich lieb dich nicht (I Don’t Love You)
Du liebst mich nicht (You Don’t Love Me)
Aha aha aha (Aha Aha Aha)

Other Da Da Da Pepsi Football Ads

In a Brazilian intensive care ward a male nurse sparks of a ‘Da Da Da’ outbreak among patients and staff by opening a can of Pepsi. In Mexcio Molotov provides their own version of the ‘Da Da Da’ song. Christina Aguilera and Elissa sing the ‘Da Da Da’ song as a national anthem before a football match.

Da Da Da Credits

The Da Da Da Bavarian ad, “Pepsi Fest”, was developed at CLM BBDO, Paris, by creative director Anne de Maupéou, agency producers France Monnet and Jacques Fouche, account supervisors Valerie Accary, Marie Chavarot and Shefali Kothari, working with Pepsi marketing team Ron Coughlin, David Foulds, Simon Lowdon and Darren Borg.

Filming was shot by director Tarsem Singh via, with producer Tommy Turtle, director of photography Colin Watkinson.

Music, “Da Da Da”, was performed by Stephan Remmler and Gert Kralle and produced at Triunfo Tunes.