Pedigree Meaty Bites for Backseat Dog

Masterfoods launched its latest television commercial for Pedigree with Meaty Bites in June this year, featuring a young man and his dog, both chewing, both checking out the talent, both enjoying the groove. The Pedigree Chewing Dog ad begins in a local neighbourhood with a stationwagon driven by a young man chewing gum to the beat of his car stereo and blowing bubbles. In the back seat is a dog imitating the driver, chewing gum to the beat. The car passes a young woman by a shop advertising fresh range eggs and fruit. She catches the eye of the dog, smiles, and shows that she also can chew. The dog catches the eye of the driver, evoking understanding and laughter. Beside the dog is a large bag of Pedigree with Meaty Bites. The super: “New with Chewy Moist Meaty Chunks. We’re for Dogs.”

Dog chewing in car in Pedigree TV ad


The Pedigree with Meaty Bites campaign was developed by Whybin/TBWA, Melbourne and TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Johannesburg, whose teams included art director Kirk Gainsford, copywriter Avi Pinchevsky, senior account director Hazel Tiernan and account manager Kate Silver.

Filming was directed by Kim Geldenhuys, with Egg Films, Johannesburg. Editor was Ricky Boyd from Deliverance. Post Production and Special FX were the responsibility of The Refinery.

Music was composed by Alun Richards of Cut & Paste Generation.

Senior brand manager for Pedigree Australia was Cathy Knight. MasterFoods Australia New Zealand Petcare is a part of Mars Incorporated.

  • Jane

    Hey, this ad reminds me so much of my fave mexican film ‘Amores Perros’. Why? because the guy in the ad is exactly like the main character in the film (the hair, facial hair and eyes), the music is similar to Control Machete and Molotov (their songs were featured in the film) i mean if you listen to the song in the ad the first thing said is a strange version of ‘si senor’ which was actually a song in the movie, the main chracter in the film has a big dog and a car alot like the one in the ad. It may be coincidence but i’m pretty sure they modeled the ad on it.

  • Mike


  • Helen

    Does anyone else think the guy in the ad looks like Jonathon Thurston, Queensland Cowboys player?

  • nags

    it does look like jonathon thurston doesnt it, thats what i have thought 4 ages, but apparently its not

  • natalie

    whats the song in this ad….I LOVE IT!

  • flip

    does anybody know the song in the ad?

  • Hola

    Is the song even in english or any language for that matter???

  • Gayle

    Are you sure it’s not Jonathan Thurston?? He must have a twin brother.

  • Tanya

    Is there any way to find out if it is Johnathan Thurston?

  • lorry

    hey guys. it isnt him! i live in townsville, where the cowboys are based and my cousin asked him at a club and he said alot of people keep asking him, its not!!!!

  • Dianne from NZ

    Hi, My partner & I are having a huge debate about this ad, he is almost becoming obsessed with it every time it appears on TV, (not kidding)! :0

    Hoping someone can shed some light on this for us PLEASE!

    Is it the same dog all the way through the ad? because at one point it does not seem to have a collar, My partner thinks it turns into a puppy, but I think it just looks different because it isn’t wearing the collar at one point… & a different camera angle.

    Please can anyone help? or has anyone else noticed this at all…. HELP! 🙂

  • I don’t think it’s a different dog. Just a different camera angle.

  • hey does anyone know what jonathan thurstons brother is called and how old he is i saw him once at a cowboys game and he was really attactive so can anyone tell me his name and his age it would much be appreciated!!

  • jacob

    yea his brother’s name is Lucas i no there sister jaylee and man is she fineeee……..
    i think he’s 21 or somethin cuz i remember jaylee sayin he’s 2 years older than her

  • Paula

    I need to know what the breed of the dog is??
    Thank you!!

  • tanya

    so is it thurston or not?