Oddset Football Leagues of the World

Oddset, Svenska Spel, the international betting agency based in Sweden, launched a television campaign in 2005, featuring soccer leagues in Italy, The Vatican, Germany, Qatar and Brazil. The 90 second spot begins with a view of Earth from space, zooming into Italy. Smoke pours onto the field as football fans cheer loudly. On the ground is a player performing with agony as his personal carer blow dries his hair. The super: “The World’s Vainest League?” The camera zooms into Vatican City to reveal a soccer game played by cardinals and other papal officials, under the oversight of a photographer and the Pope himself. The super: “The World’s Smallest League?”. We move now to Germany where teams run/march in unison under the instructions of their whip-cracking, megaphone-wielding coach. The super: “The World’s Best Organised League?”.

Italian player with blow dryer

In Qatar a limousine drives into a stadium to deliver the star kicker. He gets out, removes his sunglasses, takes a drink, and kicks the corner. That’s it. Back on with the sunglasses and into the car again. The super: “The World’s Most Overpaid League?” In Brazil football players warm up for the game with synchronized stretching, juggling, kicking and balancing of balls. The super: “The World’s Most Skillful League?”. The ad finishes with an encouragement to bet on football games from all around the world. “The More You Know The More You Win”.


The Svenska Spel Oddset World Soccer campaign was created at Waters Widgren, Stockholm, by Calle Dalin, Kalle Widgren, Robert Schelin, Marika Meder and Fredrik Holmberg.

The TV ad was produced at Camp David, Stockholm, by Sebastian Reed and Christoffer Von Reis, with editor Tobias Reiner and executive producer Peter Kydd.

Post production was done at Syndicate.

Brazilian football player balances three balls