Nissan 4WD Naturally Capable Animals

Nissan Four Wheel Drive vehicles were promoted in September with an effects-driven television advertising campaign featuring computer generated puma, spider, crocodile and snake. A Nissan Patrol SUV (sports utility vehicle) drives through barren countryside. As it reaches the end of the road the vehicle morphs into a mechanical puma-like creature and runs up loose gravel and over the snow-covered hills, changing back into a Nissan X-Trail. To navigate its way down a rocky outcrop the Nissan X-Trail transforms into a mechanical spider. Crossing a river the Nissan Pathfinder mutates into a mechanical crocodile, emerging as a Nissan Navara. The vehicle wends its way through a rocky patch in the form of a huge snake. Finally the Nissan Murano 4X4 spins back onto a sealed road and drives off. The tagline: “Nissan 4X4s – Naturally Capable”. The various 4X4 models are shown: Patrol, X-Trail, Pathfinder, Navara, Murano.

Nissan 4X4 transformed into a snake

The campaign was released in September 2006 in two 30 second TV adverts (Cougar/Spider and Crocodile/Snake) and one 60 second TV advert. Click on the image below to play the 60 second video.


The Nissan Animal campaign was developed at French advertising agency TBWA/G1, Paris, by creative directors Erik Vervroegen, Chris Garbutt, art directors Bjoern Ruehmann and Joakim Reveman, copywriter Xander Smith, with agency producers Michel Boiron and Christophe Guyot.

Film production was shared between La Pac, Paris and Czar, Belgium. Director was Lieven Van Baelen, with producers Charlotte Lepot, Jean Ozannat and Rubet Goots, and director of photography Glynn Speeckaert.

Telecine, CG and compositing was done at Mikros Image, Paris. The Mikros team were visual effect supervisors Julien Meesters, Nicolas Rey, Xavier Duval, CG effect supervisors for Rendu, Laurent Borenstein and Benoit Holl, CG effect supervisors for animation Laurent De La Chapelle, CG artists Pascal Anquetil, Giusipina Marrone, Valérie Ede, David Lapierre, Laurent Pancacinni, Jerome Jourdain, Laurent Herveic, Stephane Dufournier, CG artists Olivier Dannhauer, David Fourrage, Frederic Dinebongue, Selim Monzie, Françoise Souche, Romain Cote, Clement Gerard, Christophe Plouvier, 2D artists Laurent Creusot, Benoit Mannequin, Laurent Harambillet, Marc Alepee, Jean Yves Parent, Caroline Mistral, CG technical directors François Zarocca, Gregory Peczkina.

Filming in Iceland was coordinated through production service company, Sagafilm.