Nike Denver Broncos Meet the Bulls

Nike featured the ultimate playoff in its 1998 advertisement, “Los Toros”, in which Denver Broncos players tackled the bulls of Pamplona. To the sounds of Spanish music, a toreador enters a bull ring in the city of Pamplona. He carries a pink cloth. Out on the streets the excitement is palpable. The bulls are released and people run. Near the stadium members of the Denver Broncos, in their protective gear, climb the fence and take their stand. The bulls come around the corner and race toward the waiting footballers. In the stadium the crowd waits. And in the distance they hear the bellow of a frustrated cattle beast. The toreador mutters something about ‘Los Toros’. The super: “What Are You Getting Ready For?”

Matador in Nike Denver Broncos commercial

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The campaign was developed at Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, by creative directors Hal Curtis and Chuck McBride, art director Rob Palmer, copywriter Canice Neary, and agency producer Jennifer Smieja.

Filming was directed by Ralf Schmerberg with

Editing was done by Paul Norling at FilmCore, LA.

Original music was by Jeff Koz, HUM Music.

The spot enraged animal rights activists upset by the promotion of animal torment and cruelty, including Animal Rights and PETA.


Adweek’s best spots of 1998 named the Nike “What are you getting ready For?” series as the best campaign of the year. The 78th Annual Art Directors Club Awards gave one merit for Nike “Los Toros”. The One Show Awards gave a Silver-Medal, category Consumer, TV over :30 Single, and a Silver-Medal, category Consumer, TV over :30 Campaign: Nike “Los Toros” (along with Meat and Marathon Man)

The 1999 American Advertising Awards: 1 Addy for Nike/Training “Bulls” (“Los Toros”) Single spot 1 Addy for Nike/Training “Bulls” (“Los Toros”) + “Meat”, “Marathon Man”, for the campaign.

  • Mario

    I wrote:

    “Hello i am from Spain and i try to find the advert of Nike “Bullsâ€? with good resolution for a long time.The advert is with the players of Denver Broncos fighting with some bulls near of a tipical spanish bullring.If you can talk about this advert in 2006 i will be very happy.

    Many thanks.”

    And now the advert is here!!Many many many THANKS!!!!!!!

    And now if you could find the advert of Pepsi “Britney Spearsâ€? for the tagline “the Joy of Pepsiâ€? in the special version of this advert from the MTV with 120 seconds and a good resolution along this year you will be my hero
    for ever!!!!

  • Mario

    Hello again.Your advert is the full version of 60 seconds and not the short version of 30 seconds.

  • kike

    This is not Pamplona, this is Cuéllar(Segovia) Spain

  • Hello, I am “Maximus”. The “Los Toros” nike ad is one of the greatest commercials of all time. I am Spanish from descent so I have a special place in my heart for Spain and the culture. I am from Denver Colorado, and I have been a Bronco fan my entire life. It is for these reasons that I love this commercial! No matter where the ad was made it has Spanish flavor written all over it. I think we can all agree that this commercial “Rocks”. This ad deserves all the accolade’s and award’s possible. The individuals that created the ad are brilliant! Besides all of this, I am the Spaniard, and I say so. “Maximus”