Nike Crabs Play Football

Nike ‘Crab’, one of Neill Blomkamp’s first television commercials, featured two soccer-playing robotic crabs in a South American abandoned lot, promoting Nike’s artistic web site, ‘Crab’ begins with a man hole, lifted by a metallic robot crab wearing six Nike football shoes. Another crab appears from behind furniture further down the yard, bouncing a soccer ball. The two crabs take turns at dribbling the ball and taking shots at each other’s goal. Finally the ball knocks over a goal made out of a bookcase. The super: “”

Crab kicks football with Nike football boot


Nike ‘Crab’ was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Oregon.

Filming was directed in 2003 by Neill Blomkamp via The Embassy VFX, a Vancouver company set up that same year. Visual effects artists combined live action and 3D effects using Boujou software from 2D3 Limited.

Crab with six feet and two nippers wearing Nike shoes