Nicorette Cheer Squad says No Gary No

Pfizer Australia is promoting its support for smokers with a humorous television advertisement featuring Gary and his Nicorette support team. Gary has stepped outside his city office for some fresh air. Of course this is exactly where all the smokers hang out. A colleague offers him a cigarette. Just as he reaches out to take up the offer, a team of supporters in red and white uniforms assemble on the street and chant “No Gary No!” As Gary and his stunned colleagues look on, a marching band joins in the song of support, forming a giant ‘NO’.
The voiceover: “You need all the encouragement you can get when you’re trying to quit…”

Nicorette Support Team for Gary

Gary says, “Actually no thanks”. Voiceover continues: “So we’ve made our gum taste even better. Think Nicorette fresh mint.” Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Nicorette No Gary No campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO Sydney by executive creative director Danny Searle, creative director Jules Webster, copywriter Vanessa Reynolds, agency producers Jo Howlett and Rebecca Lawson, strategic planner Gillian McNaughton, account supervisor Jade Horton, working with Pfizer marketing manager Filomena Maiese.

‘No Gary No’ was directed by Tim Bullock via Prodigy Films with director of photography Tim Hudson and producer Suzanne Mallos.

Editor was Craig Wilson at Images Post. Post production was done at Cutting Edge.

Chaser’s War Spoof

The guys at Chaser’s War on Everything (ABC) put the Nicorette No Gary No campaign to the advertising road test. Will it actually stop people smoking? Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

How’re You Feeling Phil?

Phil is giving up smoking using a Nicorette 16-hour patch. He’s followed around by a support team who continually ask, “How’re you feeling Phil?” The team are careful to whisper while Phil’s asleep. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

  • novah

    your thing is awsome

  • Melissa

    Hi, I was wondering if you know where I can get my hands on the Nicorette Ad. The full one, with the orange shirts. One of my students would like to use it for an assignment.

  • Have you tried the versions I’ve linked to in the post, at and Prodigy Films?

  • Random

    Hey, i joined the marching koalas (the marching band in the ad) a couple of weeks after doin that ad and i learnt the music off the ad in 15 mins… great ad… im proud of all my friends

  • ashley

    would u be able to send me a sign of “NO GARY NO” plzzzzzz

  • Ian Mack

    I’d love to have my own ‘No Macca No’ cheer team to help me stop smoking.

    That’s the problem with the Nicorette ad. They’re offering the patches but not the cheer squad.

  • music fan

    i was part of the marching koalas in this ad… it was a great experience to be part of it and to experience the effort put into making such a production…
    i had a lot of fun with it

  • EmJay

    Im after the green ‘Nicorette’ t-shirts for a presentation im doing at Uni, anyone able to help me out?