New Numa sponsored by Bluetooth Headphones

Gary Brolsma, known as the lip-synching star of the music video “Numa Numa”, returned to the viral scene in September with “New Numa”, a promotion for wireless headphones. Wires Are Messy headphones are worn by Brolsma during a comical video set to the Russian language track, “New Numa”, performed by Brolsma’s own garageband The Nowadays.

New Numa Gary Brolsma

In 2004 Gary used a webcam to make a home-made music video of Romanian pop song, “Dragostea din tei”, performed by Moldavian group O-Zone. He posted the clip on New Grounds, a site dedicated to flash videos. The 18-year-old’s facial contortions and energetic movement quickly made the video hot property on the site, winning user awards. The video has been viewed over 14 million times on New Grounds and has since spread to other sites such as YouTube. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Gary became a media star, appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s The Tonight Show and VH1’s Best Week Ever. However the press attention became intrusive and he withdrew from the limelight to focus on life in his hometown of Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

O-ZONE - DiscO-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei

After many requests from Brolsma’s internet peers, Numa Numa 2 became a reality on September 8. This time the track was a commercial operation, designed as a product placement for Wires Are Messy bluetooth headphones. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Gary Brolsma and the Nowadays

Gary pulled together a garageband, The Nowadays, to lip synch a new funky house style track, “New Numa”, this time in Russian rather than Romanian. The video, in which Brolsma responds to a phone request for a new music video, was launched at, YouTube, New Grounds, and Stupid Videos.

Gary Brolsma and The Nowadays

New Numa Contest

The New Numa site went the next step by offering prize money for a worldwide video contest for the best home-made Numa video. The contest was sponsored by, a cell phone plan company. The site also included new music from Don Balan, producer/songwriter from the now disbanded O-Zone.

Gary Brolsma in New Numa

Music Production

Music for “New Numa” was produced at BeLive Productions by DJ Variety Beats and performed by Fridley MN singer/songwriter Chad Russell.

New Numa (Featuring Chad Russell) – New Numa – SingleVariety Beats featuring Chad Russell - New Numa - Single - New Numa (Featuring Chad Russell)

Filming Credits

Filming for New Numa was done by Experience Studios, Seattle, by executive producer Gary Voelker and assistant producer Andrew Lee. The New Numa project was developed by marketing firm Jaeter Corporation, Minneapolis, under the direction of CEO James Egge. Digital media distribution was the responsibility of IRIS Distribution.