Ned Lamont and Democrat Bloggers

Ned Lamont is a Democrat running for US senate in the Connecticut Primary on August 8. In his first TV ad Lamont explains his thinking. Ned is trying to unseat Joe Lieberman and has had substantial support from a number of bloggers. After one of those bloggers, Jane Hamsher, posted on Huffington Post a ‘black face’ photoshopped image of Liebermann standing next to Bill Clinton, Lamont felt he needed to downplay any connection with those bloggers. Michelle Malkin revels in the details.

Ned Lamont and supporters in TV ad

“I’m running because George Bush is wrong. Rather than spending $250,000 million a day in Iraq I believe we should be investing in our own country – in great schools, in clean energy, in quality health care for everybody. Fixing health care is not only a matter of fairness. As a small business guy I can tell you it’s also the key to keeping good paying jobs here in this country. I understand that running for US senate can be tough on the family but Annie and the kids…”

At this point a band of blue t-shirt wearing Ned Lamont supporters bursts through the door to express their support. They’re led by left wing blogger Marcos ‘Screw Them’ Moulitsas who encourages Lamont to ‘hurry it up’.

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