National Breast Cancer Centre Changes Campaign

The National Breast Cancer Centre of Australia launched ‘Changes’, a multimedia campaign, in October 2005, taking women back to an exciting time when they were young girls and eager to find any change in their breasts. The print campaign featured a young girl sitting in front of her dressing table and mirror, considering the changes in her body shape.

NBCC Changes Print Campaign

The 30 second television spot provides a nostalgic snapshot of pre-teen and early teenage girls becoming aware of their developing busts. The ad opens in black and white, with a young girl stuffing toilet paper into the top of her school uniform. A younger girl stands in front of a mirror, enhancing her figure with oranges. Another girl stands in front of the Marie-Louise Salon inspecting the latest fashions in bras. The spot continues with a girl adjusting her bikini top. The school girl leaves the cloak rooms, well endowed and happy, and in colour. The super: “You used to be excited about finding changes. Now it could save your life”. The voiceover: “If you find a change in your breasts see your doctor”.

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The text of the print ad: You used to be excited about finding changes. Now, it could save your life. Four out of five women who find breast cancer early enough survive. That’s why it’s worth paying your breasts as much attention now as you used to. Make sure you know the way they normally look and feel. And if you find a change, see your doctor. Visit National Breast Centre Incorporating the Ovarian Cancer Program.

NBCC Changes Print Campaign

The Campaign

Director of the National Breast Cancer Centre Dr Helen Zorbas said the aim of the campaign is to save lives by encouraging the early detection of breast cancer.

“The commercial takes women back to a time when they were young girls and eager to find any change in their breasts, however small, as they waited to develop”, said Dr Zorbas.

“The campaign urges women to be aware of their breasts again and check for changes, but for a very different, far more important reason – finding a breast change could save their life.

“We know 90 per cent of women will be alive five years after their diagnosis if their breast cancer is detected while it is still confined to the breast. If the cancer has spread to other organs of the body before it is detected, only about 25 per cent of women will survive five years,” said Dr Zorbas.

“The message to women is to be breast aware. Know what your breasts look and feel like, get to know what’s normal for you. Most importantly, if you notice a change, see your doctor without delay. Finding a change could save your life,” said Dr Zorbas.


The Changes campaign included television, radio, print and web banners and was developed at Belgiovane Williams Mackay (BWM) by creative directors Adam Hunt and Mike Boswell, creative team Lisa McLeod and Maureen McCabe, executive creative director Rob Belgiovane, strategic planning director Hristos Varouhas, account managers Michelle Stott and Clare Owens, and agency producer Abby Hunt.

Filming was directed by Graeme Burfoot via Film Graphics, with director of photography Andreas Bommert. Art buyer was Ali Dent. Media was arranged by Barbara Riordan, Adam Webb, Gabriel Chan at Carat. Editor was Sue Schweikert.