MTV Quiz Bowl Features Shakira

Shakira is a big part of the MTV Video Music Awards tomorrow. It’s no coincidence that her name popped up in one of MTV’s On Air TV ads. The spot in question opens in a Quiz Bowl episode in which the quiz master concludes a 10-point question by saying that the internet was in 69. He asks the two teams of teenage boys a question relating to ancient Rome (for 40 points): “In 451 B.C., responding to the plebs demand for a codified law…” Before he can finish the question, one of the contestants buzzes and gives the answer, “Shakira”. The quiz master is obviously flustered. “Come on Neil. That’s the third question in a row where you’ve answered ‘Shakira’. Now how about now we give someone else a chance.”

Neil says, “I like her dancing”. “Well that may very well be. Still… I’ll repeat the question in its entirety.” The super: “MTV KNOWLEDGE AND STUFF”.

MTV QBC Shakira contestants

The full question would have been:

“In 451 B.C., responding to the plebs demand for a codified law system, a Decemviral Commission was established to produce a law code. The result was the famous, and archaic, Twelve Tables. However, the head of the Commission was, according to Livy and others, a tyrant who abused the absolute authority entrusted to his group to pass unjust and criminal laws. Lust drove this man to claim a free-born pleb beauty named Verginia as his slave, prompting her father to slay her in the Forum in order to protect her honour. Who was this man?”

The correct answer would have been Appius Claudius Crassus, a decemvir of the Roman Republic from around 451 BC.

MTV Shakira was one of a series of Quiz Bowl Challenge advertisements: Cash, Connie, Foxx, Paul Walls Fronts, Punked, Real World Donna, Runs House, Shakira, Sweet 16, Team Spirit, Wild n Out and Booty.


The Quiz Show campaign was produced inhouse by MTV On-Air Promos, by executive VP of marketing Tina Exharos, creative director Kevin Mackall, executive producer Amy Campbell, director of On-Air Promos Brent Stoller, supervising producer Jodi La Haye, producer Andy Palmer and copywriters Bart Smith and Robb Davidson.

Editing was done by Nathan Byrne, Joel Stanner at Post Millennium with producer Adam Soutar.

Audio post production was done at BartRadio by Robb Davidson and Bart Smith.

See my post on Shakira’s music video, “Hips Don’t Lie”, produced with Wyclef Jean.

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