MTV Baby at the breast

With the recent fuss over a breastfeeding baby on Babytalk’s front cover (see the story at AdFreak) maybe it’s time to revisit MTV’s ‘Baby’ or ‘Bebe’ spot in the “I Watched MTV Once” campaign, first aired in October 2002. MTV Baby portrays the experience of a mother and baby in breastfeeding mode. Can we assume the baby’s a boy because he’s wearing blue clothes? The baby fondly looks into his mother’s eyes as he drinks from his mother’s left breast. But drinking is not enough. He reaches over to his mother’s right breast… The super: “I watched MTV Once”.

Click on the image below to play the MTV Baby video.

MTV Latin America Launch

MTV approached advertising agency La Comunidad, Miami and Buenos Aires, for help relaunching their services in first Mexico and then the rest of Latin America. Cristian Jofre from MTV worked with brothers José and Joaquín Mollá to capture the original attitude and value that MTV brought to television screens when it was first launched. They were aware that only four percent of Mexican’s population of 100 million had regular access to cable television. Even though people may have only seen MTV once before, they were still affected by it.

‘Baby’ was the first of five spots in the “Una vez vi MTV” campaign and was followed up with Dentista, Huele, Pelu, and Porno.

Dentista features a room in which waiting patients are tormented by the sounds of dental drilling. Little do they know that the receptionist is playing the sounds on a cassette tape player. Click on the image below to play the video.

Huele features Don Pascual, a man whose farts smell like Britney. He becomes famous across Mexico but disappoints the crowds when he appears on a television show. Click on the image below to play the video.

Pelu features a young man who is given long hair by his barber. Click on the image below to play the video.

Porno features a boy in his bedroom watching a Papa Roach music video – She loves me not. As his mother comes in he quickly changes channel. He politely responds to her conversation about his day at school and the fact that dinner will soon be ready. Behind her back the television is showing a pornographic show. As soon as she leaves he switches back to MTV. Click on the image below to play the video.


The MTV ‘I Watched MTV Once’ campaign was developed at La Comunidad by creative directors/copywriters José Mollá and Joaquín Mollá, art directors Luis Ghidott, Federico Callegari, Ricky Vior and Mariano Cassisi, copywriters Matías Ballada and Leo Prat, agency producers Facundo Pérez (La Comunidad) and Fernando Lazzari (MTV), account directors Rafael Barbeito and Ariana Birencwajg.

MTV Bebe was directed by Diego Kaplan at Wasabi Films with executive producer Hernán Zayas, producer Claudia Ferrero, assistant director Alvaro Hernández and art directors Mariana Brick and Micaela Saiegh.

Editing was done at Videocolor.

Sound was designed at La Casa Post Sound.

Music for MTV Baby’s release in English is “Can’t Fight This Feeling” sung by REO Speedwagon. Can anyone pick the song used in the Spanish version?

breast feeding mother and baby in MTV Baby television commercial

Awards Won by MTV Baby

Grand Prix and Gold in El Ojo de Iberoamerica (the Eye of Ibero-America 2003)
Single at International ANDY Awards, 2003
Bronze at The One Show, 2003
Shortlisted at Cannes Lions – International Advertising Festival, 2003
Gold Sun/Grand Prix at El Sol Festival Publicitario Iberoamericano in San Sebastián, 2003
Most awarded ad in The Gunn Report, 2003.
Grand Prix at FIAP 2004.