Motorola Pebl Falls From Space

Motorola launched the slimline iconic Pebl mobile phone in 2005 with a visual effects-driven television commercial, documenting the natural sculpting of a ‘pebl’. The ad begins with a meteor storm. At first we see the metors zooming past us from a stratospheric point of view. We’re given shots of meteors landing – with still shots indicating a barreb landscape, dust and a giant crater. Rain and wind, earth and glacial movement all play their role in shaping and moving the meteor, depositing it in the sea. Over time the now slim-line rock tumbles along the sea bed until it is found by a beachcomber in the shape of a Motorola Pebl.

Motorola Pebl begins as a meteor

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The Pebl campaign was developed at advertising agency 180 Amsterdam by executive creative director Richard Bullock, creative director Adam Chasnow, art director Antero Jokinen, copywriter Niklas Lilja, executive agency producer Peter Cline, senior agency producer Tony Stearns. Other 180 Amsterdam people on the project included Nathan Plowman, Natalie Graeme, Ariane Luciani, (account handling), Josh Mandel (planning), Duco Muller (project manager), Chris Barrand and Terri DiPaolo (business affairs managers), and Fiona Groothius (in-house editing).

Filming was shot by director David Fincher via Anonymous Content, Los Angeles with director of photography Harris Savides, executive producer Dave Morrison, head of production Jeff Baron, and line producer Robin Buxton.

Editing of the Moto Pebl ad was done at Rock Paper Scissors, Los Angeles, by Angus Wall and producer Scott Friske.

Motorola Pebl shows time on outsideVisual effects were designed at Digital Domain, Venice, California, under the oversight of executive producer Ed Ulbrich, Head of Production Mike Pardee, visual effects supervisor Eric Barba, VFX producer Lisa Beroud, and production manager Chris House.

Sound was designed at Mit Out Sound by Ren Klyce with producer Misa Kageyama. Music is by composer Jeff Beal at Many Rooms Music. Sound was produced at Lime Studios by sound mixer Loren Silber and producer Bruce Horwitz.

The Motorola Pebl phone has been designed and promoted as a high-tech mobile fashion accessory. The Motorola online profile for the Pebl describes it in terms of ‘iconic oval-shaped design with elegant silver finish, dual-hinge technique for graceful open and close and vertical external display.”