Breast Cancer Research Appeal for Mothers Day

The Breast Cancer Institute of Australia runs a Mother’s Day appeal in April/May each year. In 2004, the campaign was promoted with a magazine advertisement featuring a baby at its mother’s breast, with the tagline, “Please Give Generously”. The ad reminds readers of the significance of the breast as the life-giving source of mother’s milk.

Please Give Generously

Mother's Day card from 2004The 2004 Mother’s Day card, seen to the right, has the small print…

“In all probability you began your life at your Mother’s breast. Now, if we may say so, it is the time to return the favour.

If you make a donation to the Mother’s Day Breast Cancer Research Appeal, we’ll send you a card to give to your Mum, and all the proceeds from your donation will go to breast cancer research.

And wouldn’t a world without breast cancer be the best Mother’s Day gift of all?

The Mother’s Day Breast Cancer Research Appeal. Phone 1800 423 444.”


The campaign was developed by advertising agency Lowe Hunt by creative team Lionel Hunt, Lee Playford and Rafe Greenlaw.