Microsoft Zune Shares Two Little Birds

Microsoft is preparing the market for its response to Apple’s iPod, the Zune, with videos and images at One of the first viral ads associated with the digital player is “Two Little Birds”, representing the Zune’s wireless capacity.

Wallpaper image from Zune Birds site

To the sounds of Ashtar Command‘s “The Second Coming of the Monkey God”, two animated birds interact with sparks and flames. The ad finishes with Zune’s logo. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Zune Two Little Birds campaign was developed by 72 and Sunny, by executive copywriter/art director Glenn Cole, copywriters Jeff Mullen and Jason Norcross, and producers Sam Baerwald and Rebekah Mateu.

Animation was developed at Motion Theory, by executive producer Javier Jimenez, producer James Taylor, art directors Mark Kudsi & Guiherme Marcondes, director of animation Nick Losq, designers/animators Mark Kulakoff, Ron Delizo, Tom Bruno, Grace Lee, Helen Choi, Jesse Franklin, Danny Zobrist, Omar Gattica, Joseph Jones, Ben Grangereau, Colleen Corcoran, Miwa Patreyek.

Wallpaper image from Zune Birds site

Music by Ashtar Command

Ashtar Command is a band that began with Chris Holmes and Brian Liesegang collaborating for The Avengers soundtrack. The collective has been expanded to include Steve Fitzpatrick (of Veruca Salt), Kelli Scott (of Failure) Matt Walker (of Filter & The Smashing Pumpkins), and Ollie Krauss (Sia/Josh Radin). They will be releasing a double album in 2007.