Mercedes Benz Convertible Sounds of Summer

Mercedes continues to promote the CLK Convertible car with the television and cinema advertisment, “Sounds of Summer” or “Sommer”. I’m sure it’s played in cinemas every time I go. The sounds of course are ideal for showcasing a cinema’s sound systems. The ad is almost entirely an animated sound scape, interacting with the sounds encountered while driving in a convertible with the hood down.We hear the sounds of ignition, engine, acceleration, crickets, lawnmowers, birdsong, wind in the trees, a buzzing insect, church bells, bridge crossing, galloping horses, a passing train, a train crossing warning signal, surf and seagulls, laughing children.

Mercedes Benz Sounds of Summer TV Ad

The German super: “Horen Sie den Sommer. Im CLK Cabriolet der neuesten Generation. Mercedes-Benz.” The English super: “Enjoy the summer. In the new generation CLK Convertible.” Click on the image below to play the video.


“Sounds of Summer” was created at advertising agency Springer & Jacoby, by account executives Christoph Tank and Geza Unbehagen, creative directors Till Hohmann and Axel Thomsen, copywriter Florian Kohler and Florian Pagel, and art directors Justus v. Engelhardt and Tobias Gradert.

Mercedes Benz ‘Sounds of Summer’ was directed and animated by Ole Peters and Timo Schadel, with producer Andreas Coutsoumbelis, at Sehsucht, Hamburg.

Sound was deisgned by Wenke Kleine-Benne at NHB, Hamburg.

Sounds of Summer won several awards, including silver at Clio and gold at Cannes, Die Klappe, ADC German, Golden Award of Montreux and the London International Awards.