Mercedes Benz Convertible Sounds of Summer

Mercedes continues to promote the CLK Convertible car with the television and cinema advertisment, “Sounds of Summer” or “Sommer”. I’m sure it’s played in cinemas every time I go. The sounds of course are ideal for showcasing a cinema’s sound systems. The ad is almost entirely an animated sound scape, interacting with the sounds encountered while driving in a convertible with the hood down.We hear the sounds of ignition, engine, acceleration, crickets, lawnmowers, birdsong, wind in the trees, a buzzing insect, church bells, bridge crossing, galloping horses, a passing train, a train crossing warning signal, surf and seagulls, laughing children.

Mercedes Benz Sounds of Summer TV Ad

The German super: “Horen Sie den Sommer. Im CLK Cabriolet der neuesten Generation. Mercedes-Benz.” The English super: “Enjoy the summer. In the new generation CLK Convertible.” Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


“Sounds of Summer” was created at advertising agency Springer & Jacoby, by account executives Christoph Tank and Geza Unbehagen, creative directors Till Hohmann and Axel Thomsen, copywriter Florian Kohler and Florian Pagel, and art directors Justus v. Engelhardt and Tobias Gradert.

Mercedes Benz ‘Sounds of Summer’ was directed and animated by Ole Peters and Timo Schadel, with producer Andreas Coutsoumbelis, at Sehsucht, Hamburg.

Sound was deisgned by Wenke Kleine-Benne at NHB, Hamburg.

Sounds of Summer won several awards, including silver at Clio and gold at Cannes, Die Klappe, ADC German, Golden Award of Montreux and the London International Awards.

  • Tommy

    I want to know the name of the song that MB is using for their current Summer Event commercial. It’s a 50-60’s jazz song. I should know it, but can’t think of it. Popular song.

  • jason

    Same here…it’s driving me crazy

  • Mikey

    “Green Onions” by Booker T and the MGs

  • Chris

    “Green Onions” it is! I just downloaded it and played it. What a great song for a Summer Event commercial. Really peppy – a jazzy beach song. And a classic too. I’ve added it to my collection along with greats by Jan & Dean and the Beach Boys. I’m glad I found this web site via Google so I could identify this song. Thanks, Duncan’s TV!

  • Earle

    YES! Over the past two years I’ve heard this song on two Smooth Jazz stations in two different states, neither of which ever, ever stated the title or artist. Nor could I find anyone who knew it (apparently I can’t hum it very well, and boy did I feel stupid trying.) Now I’ve got it on iTunes. Thanks Mikey (and this website).

  • Gary Jones

    Can any of you guys help me to find the website where I can watch this Mercedes commercial with the car hops and the drive thru restaurant? Its the summer events commercial that plays Booker T and the MG’s song, Green Onions .

    I have looked at what seems like a hundred Mercedes videos but can’t find this one.

    Can anyone help?


  • Patrick

    Can anyone help me with the name of the song and artist that is currently playing on the Mercedes Benz tv ad in Australia,it’s an absolute rocker and I am really keen to get some info on it.

  • Katie

    The music for the latest Mercedes is, I am certain it is the Dirt Bombs. I have the album, just havent had time to check which song it is. They are a very old garage band, highly credited in the music industry. Great to see their song on this ad, very diverse!!

  • Maddy

    Hi KT

    Do you know which album it comes from? My mum is driving me insane as she loves it and wants the music for Christmas but there’s three albums in the record store… Any info would be much appreciated!

  • KT

    Hi Maddy
    I am in the middle of moving, everything is everywhere. Hand is in a brace. So, its all too hard to sort out. If you go, or ring, Greville records in Prahran, the older guy there is a mad Dirt Bombs fan, sing him abit, and I am sure he will sort it.

  • Smith

    Anyone remember the music from a Mercedes ad that ran last year (2005) which featured a vertically-split screen showing a car in all 4 seasons (sunny, rain, blowing leaves, snow). Throughout the whole ad a piano tune was playing and I loved it, but cannot find out the name of the song or any more info about the ad or music. Anyone remember?

  • Chris

    Does anyone know the advertising agency of record for Mercedes Benz?

  • Christine P

    The Australian TV ad …. Mercedes Summer Love promo is sung by The Go, a detroit band…the song is called “summer’s gonna be my girl”

  • Craig R

    The current Aussie Mercedes Benz commercial tune is indeed “Summer’s gonna be my girl” by The Go, a detroit band in the manner of the The Stooges & T- Rex. Off the self titled album “The Go”, virtually impossible to download off the net. Best bet is to search reputable US Music sites & buy!

  • Howard Hertz

    The GO’s songs, including Summer’s Gonna Be My Girl can be downloaded from iTunes. CDs and album downloads can be purchase from or the band at