Men of Mortuaries Calendar Raises Funds For Breast Cancer

Ken McKenzie, Los Angeles funeral director, is publishing a 2007 calendar to raise funds for KammCares, a foundation dedicated to the care and assistance of those going through treatment for breast cancer.

Men of Mortuaries Calendar Front Cover

KammCares and the Men of Mortuaries Calendar project began when Ken’s sister, Katherine Alyce McKenzie-Meadows, was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she struggled to make ends meet during chemotherapy she started thinking about other people in similar or more difficult circumstances. When she saw fundraising calendars produced by firemen and Chippendales dancers, she jokingly asked her brother, “Where are the morticians?”.

Ken figured that the popularity of TV show Six Feet Under would make it possible for the public to accept the more earthy side of the funeral industry. He placed an ad in a funeral industry trade journal, looking for undertakers to pose for the first calendar. However he had to look hard to find those who demonstrated a sense of humour.

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  • jessica

    feeling hot hot hot

  • JC

    Okay those ditch diggers may be hot, but is that the message women suffering from a such a disease really want. You might as well say, “Don’t worry if the cancer gets the best of you at least one of these hot guys will help dig your grave.” Sorry but I don’t think that’s going to make my mother feel any better.