The McPassion Movie

Rik Swartzwelder was attending churches at the time Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion” was being released. Everywhere he went he heard pastors urging church members to buy a ticket to The Passion. Rik felt there was something not quite right about the marketing angle being taken. And so he made a four minute movie to make his point: The McPassion. Guaranteed to cheese off some Christians, The McPassion presents what could happen if McDonalds and the marketers of the Passion had cooperated back in 2004.

The McPassion Second Helping poster

In the same style as The Passion, this movie opens with Jesus’ words, “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…”

McPassion MealFamilies are presented with a McPassion meal, complete with a non toxic paper crown of thorns, special round fries shaped like the eucharist to be dipped in ketchup that tastes like blood, a delcious vinegar sponge drink, exciting games. The McLast Supper comes with an unbreakable plastic chalice and a refreshing Garden of Gethsemane side salad. McLoaves and Fish Sticks provides you with all you can eat, while supplies last. The McProdigal Son Meal comes with a low carb low fatted calf burger.


Stick around for the credits in this mini movie. Besides finding out who had the courage to put their names to the film, you’ll see promotions for up and coming McPromotions for the McVoodoo Meal, the McKabbalah meal, the McKrishna Veggie Meal, and the McL. Ron (Hubbard) Meal with free personality test. Music for the credits is a rock version of “Jesus Loves Me”.

Rik enlisted Benjamin Hershleder as director, with Brian Hoodenpyle as Director of Photography.

View the McPassion

To view the movie, go to where you’ll have the choice of viewing an 11 mb, 18 mb or 24 mb version of the four minute video.

For a Limited Time Only

McPassion Logo God's Loving ItThe McPassion video site was launched on Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2006. It will be taken offline on Holy Saturday, April 15, after which the video is to be shown at special film festivals and made available on DVD for press, entertainment and other ‘chosen people’.

Swartzwelder, a Christian, writes on the McPassion site, “We’re on the brink of prostituting our pulpits beyond recognition. When we start showing movie trailers during worship services and telling the faithful it’s their duty to buy tickets to the Cineplex… or to buy anything… I believe that’s as offensive as anything in The McPassion. I’m not judging anyone’s motives; by and large, I think people’s hearts are in the right place… but I believe it’s time for a fresh look at this issue.”

Rik is a director with Old Fashioned Pictures, known for his movie, “The Least of These”, telling the real story of an extraordinary encounter between Tony Campolo (Christian speaker) and a prostitute.