McDonalds Couple in Simple Life Cartoons

McDonalds have followed up their animated TV ad, ‘Girl’, with ‘Couple’, an appeal to the desire to keep life simple with a cheeseburger. ‘Couple’ shows a series of cartoons featuring couple, house, work, salary, friends, cinema, sleep in, holiday, baby, nappy, bottle, nappy, bottle, nappy, bottle, cot, rattle, playpen, blankie, pottie, babysitter, school, uniform, taxi, birthday, school play, sport, camp, nits, parents’ night, pregancy test, blue, pregnant, twins.. all to the sounds of what could be a music box, starting slow and speeding up. With the arrival of the twins, everything stops and viewers are introduced to a moment of simplicity. The images provide the ingredients of a cheeseburger… “Life’s complicated enough. Cheese. 100% beef. Pickle. Cheeseburger. Simple.”

Images from McDonalds Couple TV ad


The McDonalds ‘Simple’ campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Sydney, by creative director Glen Ryan, art directors and copywriters Tim Bishop and David Smith, and agency producer Helen Hendry.

The Couple ad was directed by Ned Wenlock at NZ animation company Fat Ltd, with producer Nicci Lock. Fat Animation has recently been wound up. Marko Klijn from Fat has formed Cirkus. Andrew McGee, Paul Densem and Ned Wenlock have formed Teaspoon Films.

McDonalds Simple campaign (Girl, Couple, Life) won the Retailers creative excellence award at the 2006 Food and Beverage (FAB) Awards.